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The Doctor was a time-traveller, best-known for travelling in the TARDIS. They were also known, in various contexts and incarnations, as Theta, Fred or Dr. Who.

In some universes, “Doctor Who [was] fictional”, and the stories told about them there were highly varied and inconsistent. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere) They existed as a real being in several universes, and indeed, could change bodies even within a single universe through a process of mental and physical “regeneration” that granted them a form of immortality. As a perpetual traveller who had lived in many different physical forms and often took human companions, the Shifter viewed several versions of the Doctor as kindred souls and vice versa.


In the Third Universe[]

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Jenny Everywhere once noted that "some people" got into even more trouble than she did. For proof, she pointed to the Doctor’s TARDIS which, with supreme bad luck, was materialising in the middle of the very firing squad Jenny had just escaped in one universe. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

Photo shoot - Illustration

The Seventh Doctor takes Jenny Everywhere and Ace's picture on an alien beach. (PROSE: Photo shoot)

When one Jenny first took her boyfriend to the Restaurant, one of the only patrons who did not appear to be incarnations of Jenny herself was a “bushy-haired European guy playing with a yoyo”. (PROSE: Second Date) At some point, a Jenny travelled up and down the Doctor's timelines. She first met the Fourth Doctor, nabbing his scarf, before bumping into the Seventh Doctor and Ace on an alien planet, quickly befriending the latter, with the Doctor taking a picture of the two girls. (PROSE: Ace Rules OK!, Photo shoot)

The sorcerer Doctor Know-It-All, who was noted by the Man in Grey to resemble “the time-traveller guy” himself, possessed photographs of a balding man in a floral shirt talking with a man similar to the Man in Grey himself. The Man in Grey also reacted oddly to mentions of the name “Fred”. (PROSE: Open Sourcing)

Pythagoras-858 and another incarnation of Jenny later identified “a time-traveller with a bowtie” as one of the potential points of origin for the Rifts Crisis which threatened the Multiverse, but observed that he had used some of the Rifts he'd created to reboot his universe so that the Rifts had never existed in the first place. They later observed him accidentally reopening the Rifts, however, by "attempting to kill Death". (PROSE: The Grand Multiverse Hotel) By December 2021, an individual whose name was redacted, from the Third Universe, was classified in the Cupid Archives as a “potential Hyper-class threat” should they cease to be neutral to the Crew. They were listed alongside the likes of Century Smith, the Multi-Coloured Medic, the Infinite Buccaneer and Jenny Anywhere. (PROSE: The Case Against Conspiracy)

After her earlier visits to the Fourth and Seventh Doctors, Jenny finally visited the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, keeping out of sight but graffitiing “Ace Rules OK!” on the doors of the TARDIS. (PROSE: Ace Rules OK!, Photo shoot)

Reunited with Rose[]

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In another universe, after having been separated from Rose Tyler when she was trapped in Pete's World (at some point later than the “Bad Wolf” incident), the Doctor was reunited with her in a later incarnation.

This Thirteenth Doctor was a woman with “bright hazel eyes” who wore “eclectic clothing”. Jenny Everywhere collected Rose from Pete's World and shifted her directly into the control room of the TARDIS, cryptically stating by way of explanation that it would be “better for everyone” if Rose and the Doctor resumed their adventures forthwith. The Doctor recognised Jenny, though she told Rose that she didn't really know what Jenny was beyond being an “interdimensional hitchhiker”. After Jenny left, the Doctor and Rose went to the TARDIS library to catch up. (PROSE: Shifting)

Fun with Clara and Jenny[]

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In one reality, the Doctor was familiar with Jenny Everywhere of old, with her familiarly calling him “Theta”. At some point, the Doctor regenerated into a male incarnation whose costume prominently included a bowtie, and started travelling with Clara Oswald, a woman who ended up “splintered” throughout time so that she had a great number of alternative selves in other time periods, somewhat similar to Jenny's interdimensional incarnations.

On one occasion, the Jenny he knew arrived in the control room of the Doctor's TARDIS, intending to speak with him about something. However, he was out at the time, and she instead met Clara. When the Doctor returned, he was shocked to see that, once the two women realised they both had a bevy of identical counterparts, Jenny had summoned matching numbers of her other selves and Clara's into the control room, and they were all engaging in various adult activities. After the prime Clara explained the situation to the Doctor, the prime Jenny saucily asked him if he wanted to join the fun. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Brief encounter with Peter Griffin[]

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Among Us ft. Dr

The First Doctor with Susan Foreman in one universe. (COMIC: Among Us ft. Dr. Who)

During a scenario similar to Among Us, where people were accused of being the "Imposter, (COMIC: Among Us ft. Dr. Who) an early incarnation of the Doctor with white hair was present behind Peter Griffin as he accused Green. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere meets Peter Griffin, Among Us ft. Dr. Who)

Investigating Nevermore Academy[]

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In one universe, the Doctor coexisted with the Addams Family, (PROSE: Wednesday and the Doctor) and the local incarnation of Jenny Everywhere was familiar with them. (PROSE: Wednesday and the Shifter) This Doctor met Wednesday Addams as the Eleventh Doctor, a bowtie-wearing young man; when entering his TARDIS, Wednesday caught psychic glimpses of other incarnations of the Doctor, including “an old man with a teenage girl, one playing a recorder, one with a very long scarf, one wearing a multi-colored coat, one that resembled Lord Byron, one that looked like an old soldier, and one drawing on a chalkboard”, as well as a “blonde woman”. (PROSE: Wednesday and the Doctor)

Landing near Popeye[]

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Fourteenth Doctor exits his TARDIS

The Fourteenth Doctor exits his TARDIS in one universe. (COMIC: Jenny's Spinach Encounter)

The Fourteenth Doctor once exited his TARDIS near Popeye, with the Doctor questioning why his face was "back". (COMIC: Jenny's Spinach Encounter)

Behind the scenes[]

The Doctor, or "Dr. Who", whose many, usually-unnamed cameos in Jenny Everywhere have thus far only ever been unlicensed easter eggs, is the main protagonist of the Doctor Who series, which was debuted in 1963 and spans a variety of media. Within their home continuity, the Doctor has many incarnations due to being capable of regeneration:

The character was cited in 2002 as an inspiration for Jenny by Steven Wintle in one of the original Barbelith forum-threads where Jenny was created — specifically for the notion that like the Doctor's, Jenny's birth name should remain a mystery, with it being assumed that "Jenny Everywhere" was an alias.[2]

The portrayal of the public-domain character of Zanzibar the Magician in Ruthless Ro-Man leaned strongly into the preexisting resemblance that existed between him and the Eleventh Doctor, a reference made explicit in the author's notes for the page, where Epps quipped that “Zanzibar has a fez, so that makes him cool” (mirroring the Eleventh Doctor's famous claim that “fezzes are cool”).

Notes & References[]

  1. First appearance in directly Jenny-related media; actual debut was in 1963's An Unearthly Child.
  2. Post by “Moriarty” on Barbelith (Archived)

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