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Jenny Everywhere, also known as the Shifter and by a variety of other titles and aliases, was an anomaly in the Multiverse: versions of her existed in every universe and she had the ability to shift her consciousness or her physical self from one universe to another.


Physical appearance[]

Jenny Everywhere's physical appearance varied across universes, although certain core traits included short-cropped hair and the wearing of goggles and a scarf. She was, in most universes, human, with no particular physical abilities beyond her ability to shift and to tap into the pool of knowledge of her other selves. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere and the Crossing Over Worlds)

In most universes, Jenny was of “average size” and appeared to be of Asian or Native American extraction, though she was usually vague about her actual origins. (COMIC: RIP Fourth Wall) Some Jennies wore a flower pin in their hair as a further distinguishing sign, alongside the scarf and goggles. (COMIC: Cars, The Late Shift, Spores of Doom, etc.) More rarely, but still noticeable as a trend, some Jennies wore jeans and mirrored glasses. (PROSE: Wanted for Questioning)

However, some Jennies deviated quite far from the baseline in looks and, accordingly, psyche. At least one was a cat and Johnny Everywhere was, as his name implied, a man, who identified as such. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere) For example, the “defence Jenny” of the Governing Council was an elf, (COMIC: Governing Council) there existed a Spheroid Geometron Jenny (PROSE: The Time of the Toymaker) and even a “Giant Robot Jenny”, (PROSE: The Grand Multiverse Hotel) as well as “more abstract” Jennies who could not comfortably mingle with more grounded ones. (PROSE: Second Date)


Jenny had “a ready smile” and was generally characterized by her upbeat, confident attitude, (COMIC: RIP Fourth Wall) and “love[d] making friends”. (PROSE: Fragment: Nowhere Plan) She loved the thrill of adventure, for which reason she often stopped herself from tapping into her dimensional abilities even when it would have been to her advantage to do so; (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere and the Crossing Over Worlds) at least one incarnation was known to prefer not to think too hard about how her own powers worked, preferring to “go with the flow” and do what came naturally. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)

Some versions of her were even tired of being treated as a dimensional hero rather than an ordinary person, and wished people would treat her normally for once, for instance by getting her gifts that weren't mystical artifacts of untold power. (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) However, others enjoyed springing more of her ability on clueless opponents to surprise them. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Took My Breath Away)

Jenny's attitude to causing temporal paradoxes varied; at least one version was reckless enough to cause some for the sake of a bet on a pint of beer, or generally just as a favour to friends, (COMIC: Narcissist?) while another became increasingly strict about temporal paradoxes as she grew older, refusing access to future information to her own younger self when the younger version tried to reach out into her future. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere is Back for the First Time)

She could be quite uncouth, having no qualms about sprinkling curse words in her language. (COMIC: Bacterial Lunarversity)

Some Jennies also had a violent side to them; the Jenny from Right-On By The Sea admitted to finding fights "fun" even though she granted they were a suboptimal way to solve problems, (COMIC: Name's Not Down) and another Jenny was shown to have no qualms about killing sentient opponents if she held them to be morally bankrupt. (COMIC: Mrs Zirma)

In many universes, Jenny had a documented liking for toast. (COMIC: The Late Shift) Jenny had strong opinions about toast; different incarnations favoured different kinds of bread, making it a common topic of conversation during multi-Shifter events. Most also considered it a personal offensive to use inappropriate condiments (such as mustard) in their presence. (PROSE: Paying It Forward) Dropping by the retail store Suppa$hoppa in one universe to buy a shopping cart's worth of sliced bread, one Jenny then bumped into employee Jeff O'Donnell and had what he would subsequently describe as “the most intense debate ever… about bread” with him. (COMIC: Paper or Plastic Bonus Strip)

Jenny enjoyed the atmosphere of winter cheer and would sometimes hang around a snowy Victorian city for extended periods of time around the Christmas period to soak in the “Christmas Carol mood”. (PROSE: The Time of the Toymaker)


As her various selves were capable of independent existence and consciousness despite ultimately all being the same person, Jenny was functionally polyamorous, dating several individuals at once across dimensions, including non-humanoids. (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) In at least some universes, she was interested in sex and unafraid of speaking about it openly, (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) indeed claiming to be very good at it. (COMIC: Soulless Mate) A group of Jennies in the Infinite once took it as read that all her incarnations were “pan and poly”, (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral) although there were Jennies who deviated for this, such as one who was apparently asexual and aromantic. (PROSE: The Genesis of Jenny Everywhere) Jerry Everywhere told Drew that he was not “gay” but “post-straight”. (COMIC: Holiday Pandemonium)

Although she also had long-term, emotionally-charged relationships, (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine, When She's Gone) some incarnations were prone to casual, purely physical affairs, although only with people they at least got along with. (COMIC: Holiday Pandemonium, PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Eye of Argon) It was not unheard of for different incarnations of Jenny to sleep with one another. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere, Ongoing Battle With Narcissism)

Powers & abilities[]

Dimensional abilities[]

Jenny's primary ability was the power of shifting: this allowed most versions of Jenny to pop between one universe and another at will, and also to teleport within a single universe. She could take people along on such trips. (COMIC: Soulless Mate) Other facets of shifting included the ability to shift her awareness to that of any other version of herself, (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) and the ability to shift objects from other dimensions into her immediate surroundings at will. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Took My Breath Away) However, she could not always control her shifting perfectly, sometimes finding her consciousness suddenly wandering off due to some minor shock, (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) and some incarnations had no control about when or where they shifted at all, being transported by destiny to places where they were “needed”. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere is Back for the First Time) Even Jennies with a lot of experience with shifting sometimes ended up somewhere else than they intended, which most took in stride. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere) Some needed time to “prepare” for a shift. (PROSE: The Oubliette)

The Governing Council, a group of Jennies who acted as coordinators and peacekeepers of the telepathic network of Jennies within their collective mindscape, could forcibly switch two Jennies' bodies. They could also view any possible course of events through the Infinite. (COMIC: Governing Council) At least one incarnation of Jenny could use her mental shifting ability on other individuals, granting them knowledge of some of their parallel universe counterparts' lives, although this tended to overwhelm and temporarily knock out most people who hadn't experienced it before. Through a similar process, she could also share her own memories with others. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere is Back for the First Time)

Jenny could make certain individuals in the universes she visited into ‘Anchors’. The process caused a great shock to the Anchor, but allowed the Shifter to gain all the relevant information about her surroundings that she would possess if they she had herself been a native, as well as slightly shifting her appearance to match said surroundings. Jenny's Anchors gained the ability to follow her into the Infinite. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

The omni-jennic principle was the ad hoc theory describing the fact that “there is a Jenny in every world”. It had two forms, and different incarnations of Jenny Everywhere differed on which they belief. The “weak” omni-jennic principle “simply” said that a Jenny objectively existed in every known universe, while the “strong” omni-jennic principle stated that this was an ontological necessity, and thus that “the mere existence of a universe [brought] forth a [Jenny] to live there”. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere)

Special realms[]
The Infinite

The Infinite was a realm which, under normal circumstances, only Jenny could enter. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

Some realms and pocket dimensions could only be accessed by versions of Jenny, or were otherwise specific hubs allowing incarnations of Jenny to meet.

When a version of Jenny died, other incarnations found themselves pulled into a Graveyard in their dreams where a funeral would be held for the deceased Jenny in front of an imaginary grave. Upon waking up, the attending Jennies would not remember the event. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

The Restaurant was a pocket-dimension restaurant accessible from any universe, staffed by versions of Jenny and principally patronised by other versions of Jenny, mostly humans or humanoids. It was, however, also accessible to friends and acquaintances Jenny chose to bring along. Because it was the superposition of all its possible timelines, the Restaurant was indestructible: if any part of it was damaged, it would simply shift itself to an intact version, with the occupants none the wiser. (PROSE: Second Date)

The Infinite was a plane of reality through which Jenny could pass as she shifted. She could stop off there at her leisure to socialise with other versions of herself, and a number of Jennies stayed there on a permanent basis to keep it running smoothly. Jenny could take her Anchors there, (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles) but it was, by and large, impossible for other shifters to get into the Infinite on their own. (PROSE: The Disappearance of Jenny Everywhere)

When enough of the Shifter's mental network got “worn out”, over millennia, a significant number of her incarnations automatically “zapped off to”, in Jenny's own words, a “secret realm beyond Time”, where they remained for a few weeks, during which their shifting powers were rejuvenated and their mental link resynched. After returning to the Multiverse, even Jenny herself did not actually remember the experience in any detail. As she once explained, “some elements of me are secret even to, well, me!”. (PROSE: The Disappearance of Jenny Everywhere)

One version of Jenny once organised a birthday party for herself in “a place she made”, inviting a few hundreds of her other incarnations and a few hundred of her friends from across the Multiverse. (PROSE: Fragment: Nowhere Plan)


Jenny could read Sanskrit. (COMIC: Soulless Mate) In several distinct incarnations, Jenny displayed the ability to play chess at a very high level, notably beating Death, (VIDEO: Mitigating Circumstances) as well as Lord Grallyx in a world where he was a Chess Grandmaster. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell) In the Collapsed Cosmos, she once intimated that she was capable of playing “a symphony on kazoo”, although Glendalf and Octobriana were less than interested in hearing her demonstrate this. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere) At least some of her incarnations demonstrated remarkable marksmanship skills both with a bow and arrow (COMIC: Untitled) and with a gun, (COMIC: Graveyard Shift, Jenny vs. Groff) and the Jenny of the Infinity Apartment described herself as a “capable warrior”, on a level with the superhumanly strong ShatterScreen; indeed, she once managed to land a punch against him. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

Other preternatural abilities[]

Due to being genetically engineered, one Jenny had a variety of superhuman abilities, and kept developing new ones over the course of her early adulthood. Among them were a “super-sensitive endocrine system” and the telepathic ability to feel other beings' ennui. She also claimed that she had “a mental conduit to the invisible plane of ecstasy unobtainable to we average mortals”, although it was unclear whether this was a separate ability from regular mental shifting. This same incarnation also had horticultural and biochemical abilities, having cultivated the Focus Lotus blossom and used it to create a chemical that improved people's ability to focus on a transformative artistic experience. (COMIC: The Freak Issue)

Some Jennies had Fourth Wall Awareness, considering themselves to be fictional (or, at least, being aware that they were fictional from some universes' point of view). (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Sob Story et alt.) However, this was not universal, and at least one Jenny experienced severe existential despair when she was told by Sizemore that she was fictional from his point of view. (PROSE: Paperback Writer)


Jenny most often went by the name of “Jenny Everywhere”. However, this was not necessarily her real name. (PROSE: Wanted for Questioning) In some universes she was born with a more mundane last name (such as Jenny Jacobs) and only took on the name “Jenny Everywhere” later in life as a kind of supehero alias. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles, Mrs Zirma) In the large slate of universes where she was raised as the daughter of Amelia Midnight and Princess Katerina Corwin, her legal name was thus typically “Jenny Corwin”. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere) Additionally, one “Wanted” poster for Jenny across incarnations asserted that her real name was “Jennifer Barbelith”, with “Jenny Everywhere” only being one of her favourite aliases. (PROSE: Wanted for Questioning) One account suggested that the being which had splintered across the Multiverse to become the various Jenny Everywheres was originally referred to as “the Defender”. (PROSE: Where Is Everywhere)

Some incarnations of Jenny adopted different names. For example, male incarnations would tend to adopt masculine first names, for example Johnny Everywhere (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere) or Jerry Everywhere. (COMIC: Holiday Pandemonium, PROSE: Paying It Forward) The three Jennies who made up the Governing Council each adopted a different nickname to easily distinguish between them; one was “Jenny” while the other two went by Jen and Julie respectively. (COMIC: Governing Council) Similarly, one of the Jennies in the crew of the Lotus Prime went by “Shift” to help tell herself apart from the other crewmembers. She owed this nickname to a peculiarity in how her shifting powers worked. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse) Jenny also spelled her name differently depending on the culture in which she was born; for example, one Jenny went by Cha Ni. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Jenny also had a variety of titles and nicknames in addition to whatever proper name she went by. The most common was “the Shifter”. (PROSE: Wanted for Questioning, The Disappearance of Jenny Everywhere, etc.) Raleigh often referred to her as “World-Changer”. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)



One version of Jenny once cryptically stated, when asked where she came from, that she came from “the people”. Asked to elaborate, she explained by “the people”, she meant “everyone”, and stated: “The people needed me, so I was there. They needed me to be, so I am. And I'll keep being until they don't need me anymore”. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)

According to one account, Jenny somehow existed as "the Defender," a godlike being who opposed the Destroyer at the beginning of everything, fighting over the fate of the embryonic proto-multiverse. She succeeded in banishing the Destroyer into the nothingness beyond reality, but the damage it had dealt to the proto-multiverse was too serious for any of the universes to “blossom”, for lack of energy. Thus, the Defender sacrificed herself; letting go, she let “the personality pattern which formed her armor and her weapons and her self” flow into the “the gaps in the pattern of everything”. (PROSE: Where Is Everywhere)

Shiva once put forward a more prosaic theory: that Jenny Everywhere was actually a “dying child” living out her last days in a delusional, fractured fantasy of a million different, entertaining lives. He meant to unsettle Jenny with this possibility, but she retorted that if that were the case, it would mean she was in fact, functionally, the omnipotent God of the multiverse she inhabited; she thus found the notion empowering rather than dismaying, though she didn't seem to put much stock in it. (COMIC: Soulless Mate)

Baby Jenny in The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere

A baby Jenny as depicted in the comic book Jenny Everywhere: Secret Origins. (COMIC: The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere)

Although it was shrouded in mystery, several accounts indicated that Jenny Everywhere had a singular origin story, and had notably had an “original” mother, prior to being splintered across the Multiverse. (COMIC: The Late Shift, PROSE: Memories of Nowhere) However, according to one account, none of the Jennies in a telepathic conversation with a young incarnation of Jenny knew how they had originally, collectively come to be. (PROSE: Where Is Everywhere) When asked whether she had parents, one Jenny replied: “Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don't.”. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)

The comic book Jenny Everywhere: Secret Origins claimed that the original Jenny was born to a scientist and his wife on "the oldest and most advanced parallel Earth", located in a universe located at the Edge of the Multiverse. When she was still a baby, her father discovered that a Living Black Hole from another universe was about to destroy their universe. Jenny's parents thus built the Pod, a machine designed to allow their daughter to survive the destruction of the universe. The machine worked, but splintered the child into an infinity of incarnations instead of sending her to a single place; thus, the Shifter was born.

When asked by Retro if this story had really happened, one incarnation of Jenny replied with a shrug: "Eh, kinda". (COMIC: The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere) Indeed, other accounts contradicted the details of the Secret Origins story. One Jenny was able to visit her childhood home, showing it had not been destroyed; she remembered growing up there with her mother at least until the age of six, and having an older sister, who was cruel to her but whose love and approval Jenny nevertheless yearned for; this sister would eventually become Jenny Nowhere. It was at the age of six, in her mother's kitchen, that Jenny tasted her first piece of toast, a taste she would come to love, and associate with her mother ever after. (PROSE: Memories of Nowhere)

A number of continua had as Jenny's origins a variation of a single familiar story. In these universes, she was the (sometimes adopted) daughter of Captain Amelia Midnight, a famous inter-dimensional adventurer in her own right, captain of the hypership Zephyrus.

Having a number of enemies, Captain Midnight would then hide Jenny away on the interdimensional isle of Barbelo, to be raised by Princess Katerina Corwin, Amelia's primary love interest. Jenny would grow up hearing about her mother's adventures, and eventually be driven to run away to explore the outside world on her own. Usually, she simply ran way from home, spurred by the appearance on Barbelo of another girl her age (sometimes Laura Drake, sometimes Penny Anywhere) who already had some experience with interdimensional travel. In other cases, she was the last survivor after the destruction of the Island by an enemy of her mother's.

In the Collapsed Cosmos, this origin seemed dominant for the “collapsed” Jenny, who recognised a version of Amelia Midnight who had retired at the End of Time (and who was an amalgamation of all of Amelia's selves) as her mother. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

Becoming Jenny Nowhere[]

See main article: Jenny Nowhere 2 (Parallax)

At some point, one version of Jenny Everywhere suffered a freak, one-in-a-billion accident which caused her a minor brain injury altering Broca's area. When she came to, she was startled to find that she had lost all connection to the network of other Jennies; she could no longer read their minds and they could no longer read hers. Viewing it as a liberation, she renamed herself Jenny Nowhere and began travelling the Multiverse to find her other selves and “liberate” them through a surgical operation replicating the effect. She succeeded at “creating” an unknown number of additional Jenny Nowheres in this manner, including one who was encountered by “Kim's friend”. (PROSE: Parallax)

At the Flat Earth Bar[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Cars)

One version of Jenny lived on Earth in one universe. She often hung out at a bar called the Flat Earth with a human friend who didn't seem to quite believe Jenny meant every word of her fantastical adventure tales. (COMIC: Cars, Tribute) She had a fairly standard appearance for a Jenny Everywhere, a pudgy young Asian woman (who showed no signs of aging over many years) wearing a scarf, goggles, (COMIC: Tribute) and a flower-shaped hair-pin. (COMIC: Cars) She had good control of her shifting and had many fantastical adventures in various universes, but was naive and confused when it came to modern adult life in the “real world”. (COMIC: Tribute)

David's girlfriend[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 1 (My Bloody Valentine)

One version of Jenny lived on Earth in an ordinary house in a universe where the supernatural existed but rarely impacted 21st-century humans. She dated an ordinary young man named David, who joined her on some of her adventures. (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine, Soulless Mate)

The Robbery[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 2 (My Bloody Valentine)

In one universe, Jenny was a glamorous jewel-thief in a relationship with an elegant and talented master-thief. Though he'd originally promised to take her to Paris for Valentine's Day, they had to cancel to make use of an opportunity to steal a huge diamond (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine) at the Louvre. (PROSE: Morning After)

Jenny and the Gumbie Cat[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 3 (My Bloody Valentine)

One universe's Jenny lived with a middle-aged mad scientist in his gothic laboratory-slash-private-museum-slash-castle. On one Valentine's Day, he gifted her Jenny Anydots, a genetically-engineered two-headed Gumbie Cat. (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine)

A Date in Space[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 4 (My Bloody Valentine)

Yet another Jenny existed out in space, where she was in a committed (though not always smooth-sailing) relationship with a huge alien being. (COMIC: My Bloody Valentine)

In Right-On By The Sea[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Name's Not Down)

One version of Jenny inhabited the picturesque seaside British town of Right-On By The Sea, where she usually hung out in the streets with her inseparable group of friends Clea, Lex and Bradley. This Jenny was a fun-loving troublemaker (indeed, the town's only troublemaker) as well as a pop-music enthusiast. (COMIC: Name's Not Down, Damn Fine Hostile Takeover)

With Nigel[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Mrs Zirma)

In one universe, Jenny had become "an Everywhere" through hard work and risk-taking, with the title appearing to refer to a society of monster-hunters. (COMIC: Mrs Zirma)

Recruiting Pedro Primavera[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Planet Pedro)

One version of Jenny had dark reddish hair and a tendency to call people "darling". Her form of shifting appeared to make her emerge from a foaming rainbow when she appeared in a new universe. Jenny's first trip to her six-billionth reality (and counting) was part of a "special mission" in the context of which, in a race against time, she had to bring a message to Pedro Primavera, whom she found as a confused young man on sitting a park bench. (COMIC: Planet Pedro)

The smartest girl in school[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Borders)

As later recalled by someone who had been to school with her, in one world, Jenny, a thin-faced Asian young woman, attended a regular high school where she came across as “the smartest girl in school”. However, she spoke freely of her knowledge of alternative realities, including such things as the Mongol invasion of North America. At some point, she and the person who'd later recall her story became involved in a reality-bending adventure which impressed Jenny's companion to the extent that they never spoke about it to anyone, even their husband. (COMIC: Borders)

As a samurai[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 2 (Beauty as a Beast)

At some point, one incarnation of Jenny Everywhere was trained to become a samurai. Another incarnation of Jenny was able to draw on the skills she'd acquired in that life to fight her way through Snow White's Monster Men with Sir Parsifal. (COMIC: Beauty as a Beast)

As a ninja[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 3 (Beauty as a Beast)

At some point, one incarnation of Jenny Everywhere was trained to become a ninja. (COMIC: Beauty as a Beast, PROSE: Second Date, Paying It Forward)

As a barbarian[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 4 (Beauty as a Beast)

One incarnation of Jenny Everywhere was a barbarian warrior, with all the fighting skills this implies. (COMIC: Beauty as a Beast) She wore a fur bikini. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Adventure in Hideea[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 1 (Beauty as a Beast)

One “clever” incarnation of Jenny with a grouchy disposition and a tendency for strong language had very pale skin and short-cropped black hair. She wore a black parka and yellow scarf, and carried a backpack. This Jenny once shifted at random and appeared in a magical realm called Hideea, much to her dismay, as she disliked these kinds of “magical realities”. (COMIC: Beauty as a Beast)

Ms Everywhere[]

See main article: Ms Everywhere (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

One Jenny Everywhere lived long enough to age into a mature-looking woman who wore a trenchcoat and served as a mentor to younger versions of Jenny just beginning to figure out their power, when they first came to the Graveyard. She notably officiated the funeral of a different Jenny who'd died. This Jenny, who had younger versions call her “Ms Everywhere” for clarity's sake, was knowledgeable about the nature of their collective powers and of the Graveyards, and also knew the details of several incarnations' lives. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Discovering her nature[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 1 (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

ne young version of Jenny Everywhere lived in a a largely mundane universe in a flat of her own. She was a thin young Asian woman with a pixie cut and usually wore a striped sweater. She grew up aware that she could “do things others could not”, but only with a very dim, subconscious sense that there were “others like her” in other worlds. She discovered the truth after she was transported to the Graveyard for the first time. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Blonde Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 3 (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

One Jenny had shoulder-length blonde hair and wore a black leather jacket. Uniquely, she did not appear to wear a scarf, or at least not all this time. Though all incarnations of Jenny had a “ready smile,” this incarnation was particularly prone to such, even at a funeral.(COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Earrings Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 4 (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

One black Jenny had short hair, a quieter attitude than her blonde counterpart, and wore large earrings. She also appeared to wear large, square glasses in place of the traditional goggles. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

As a cat[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 5 (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

One version of Jenny Everywhere was a largely ordinary-looking cat, albeit one wearing a small scarf and goggles. She was introduced to the young Jenny by Ms Everywhere, answering the greeting with a placid “Meow”, while in the Graveyard. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Short-haired Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 6 (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

A Jenny with a bob-cut was among the many Shifters who were mentally transported to the Graveyard. She lacked any visible goggles. She heatedly discussed the identity of the Jenny who'd died with a few of her other selves; she had “heard” that the Jenny who'd died was one who'd been killed while trying to steal a huge diamond, while others believed she had died in a plane crash or been murdered by somebody's wife. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Johnny Everywhere[]

See main article: Johnny Everywhere (The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

One transmasculine incarnation of Jenny Everywhere went by the name of Johnny Everywhere. He had short brown hair, kind eyes and strong eyebrows. Johnny wore the traditional goggles and scarf as well as a frock coat, which he wore over a waistcoat with narrow vertical stripes. He also smoked a pipe. (COMIC: The Death of Jenny Everywhere)

Adventures with Trip[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (The Freak Issue)

In one universe, Jenny was apparently created by mad scientists as “a prototype for a superior human species”. She had various idiosyncratic superpowers, mostly revolving around increased senses, such as an “ultra-sensitive endocrine system”, “a mental conduit to the invisible plane of ecstasy unobtainable to we average mortals” and the ability to feel other people's ennui.

Although aloof in her demeanour, she was explicitly and outspokenly heroic, always looking for occasions to champion goodness and fight gloom and wickedness. She had a non-powered best friend and sidekick in the form of Trip. Jenny particularly championed mutant humanoids and other personages on the fringe of society like herself. (COMIC: The Freak Issue)

A frustrating holiday[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Holiday Pandemonium)

In one universe, a skinny and foul-mouthed Jenny took a holiday to Greece, staying at the Illyria Inn and taking a guided tour of the ruins in the area. She found the tour disappointing, but one of her fellow tourists, shy photographer Drew, caught her eye. He turned out to be gay, but she didn't give up, bumping into the god Pan, who agreed to help her by temporarily transforming her into a male “Jerry Everywhere”. However, Jerry still managed bungle his seduction attempts, and, returned to her normal form, Jenny ended up sleeping with Pan instead. (COMIC: Holiday Pandemonium)

Killing Alec Swan[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Graveyard Shift)

One incarnation of Jenny, had big, spiky black hair and didn't wear a scarf (but instead a black parka with large white trimming). She once accidentally shifted into a graveyard in a universe where a loathsome necromancer named Alec Swan had recently returned from the dead, and eventually defeated him. (COMIC: Graveyard Shift)

Late for her "shift"[]

Jenny Everywhere of Universe D (The Late Shift)

A bitter Jenny Everywhere at work. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

One version of Jenny worked as a retail clerk in some kind of bookshop and wore a short-sleeved checkered shirt. She could only shift in space and through dimensions, appearing incapable of time-travel within her own universe, forcing her to come back from any shifting adventures in time for her shift at work.

She once shifted into the body of her counterpart in the Third Universe, who was facing a firing squad, and began explaining her nature to an unknown audience. She shifted away just in time to avoid being shot at, her consciousness ending up in the body of a different Jenny who was being chased by a T-rex and then in that of an aviator Jenny in the middle of a WWI-style biplane dogfight, before her watch beeped, reminding her that she was late for her shift at work.

Late Shift Jenny cameo in Say The Word

The Nommo's glimpse of this incarnation. (COMIC: Say The Word)

Returning home, she finished her introduction from behind the counter, not noticing several other Jennies in the queue. (COMIC: The Late Shift) Later, while reading the mind of a different Jenny, an alien ambassador known as the Nommo caught a black-and-white glimpse of this incarnation, who was seen sitting in front of a computer monitor. (COMIC: Say The Word)

Facing a firing squad[]

DWU Jenny in The Late Shift

Jenny introducing herself to an unknown audience while about to be shot at (COMIC: The Late Shift)

In the Third Universe, Jenny had clearly Asian features but with fair hair. She had rectangular goggles and a flower-pin in her hair, and was seen to wear clothing with a tiger-stripes pattern; first a shirt with matching trousers, and later a dress. While a different Jenny's consciousness had shifted into her body, she found herself facing a firing squad in a burning city. However, the visiting Jenny was able to physically shift away from the predicament before she got hurt, releasing her grip on the local body in the process.

Now under her own power, the Jenny with the tiger-stripes pattern later showed up, alongside several other Jennies, as one of the clients in the store where the Jenny who'd borrowed her body worked. She looked bored with having to wait as part of the queue. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

Running from a dinosaur[]

Jenny Everywhere of Universe B (The Late Shift)

Jenny in the prehistoric jungle. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

In another universe, Jenny appeared to be a young black woman. She had short dark braids and wore unobtrusive, practical clothing, the flower-pin in her hair her only concession to stylishness. While a different Jenny's consciousness had shifted into her body, she was seen running from a T-rex in a nondescript prehistoric jungle.

It is unclear if this Jenny was in her native universe, in the past of her native universe, or herself on a dimension-crossing adventure. At any rate, now under her own power, the Jenny with the braids later showed up, alongside several other Jennies, as one of the clients in the store where the Jenny who'd borrowed her body worked. She looked grumpy about having to wait as part of the queue. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

Flying a biplane[]

Jenny Everywhere of Universe C (The Late Shift)

Jenny as her plane crashes. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

In another universe, despite Jenny claiming not to know how to fly a plane (unlike her mother), the local Jenny found herself in the pilot's seat of a biplane in the middle of a World War I-style dogfight. While a different Jenny's consciousness had shifted into her body, she was forced to abandon her burning craft and jump with a parachute. As she was drifting down, her watch beeped, reminding the foreign Jenny that she was late for work in her homeworld, prompting her to leave; it was thus presumably as herself that the pilot-Jenny made her landing. (COMIC: The Late Shift)

Building the Lotus Prime[]

Builder Jenny in Makeshift Multiverse

The “builder” Jenny greeting the new recruit. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

One incarnation of Jenny, who wore a purple jumpsuit with a “JE” insignia emblazoned on her chest, had a vision while she was meditating of threats to the Multiverse that moved through 5D Space. To combat them, she designed, built and operated an advanced ship called the Lotus Prime, recruiting five other incarnations of herself to help power and man the craft. Although one of her original recruits was killed during one encounter between the Lotus Prime and the Entity, they nevertheless emerged victorious thanks to the help of a new fifth Jenny. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

The Shifter of the Lotus Prime[]

The Shifter in Makeshift Multiverse

“The Shifter” greeting the new recruit. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

One of the incarnations recruited by the Jenny who built the Lotus Prime was a tall woman who wore a black cape and green goggles which she actually wore over her eyes most of the time. She went exclusively by “the Shifter” and was generally grim and embittered; according to the builder-Jenny, her world was “tough”. However, she was still an incarnation of the Shifter, with the benevolence that came with it. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)


Shift in Makeshift Multiverse

“Shift” greeting the new recruit. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

“Shift” was the nickname used by another one of the Jennies recruited by the Jenny who built the Lotus Prime. She owed her name to the fact that she was constantly shifting, being unable to stop even if she wanted to. This gave her a “blurry” appearance, although it did not impact her ability to hold friendly conversations, and she was indeed quite cheerful. As a living reservoir of unlimited shifter energy, “Shift” was the living source for the ammunition that the Lotus’s cannons used against the Entity. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

Armoured Jenny[]

Armoured Jenny in Makeshift Multiverse

Jenny greeting the new recruit. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

One of the incarnations recruited by the Jenny who built the Lotus Prime was a friendly-looking Jenny who wore space-age full-body armour. She was also a full head taller than her comrades. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

Drained to death[]

The fourth and final Jenny Everywhere originally recruited by the Jenny who built the Lotus Prime had, like the others, been hand-picked for special aptitudes. However, she eventually pushed herself too far and was drained to death of shifter energy while the Lotus crew were battling the Entity, forcing the four remaining Jennies to make an emergency landing on the Earth of the nearest universe to enlist a replacement. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

Joining the crew of the Lotus Prime[]

Main Jenny Everywhere in Makeshift Multiverse

Jenny aboard the Lotus Prime. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

One universe's Jenny, who wore a striped pink scarf, a salmon sweater or pullover that was too short to cover her navel, and blue jeans, and often travelled short distances on a scooter, was recruited by the Lotus Prime as an emergency replacement for their fallen fifth member. After doing her part, Jenny declined the opportunity to stay with the Crew full-time, stating that she found the 5D Space environment too blank for her taste and would rather keep exploring by herself. She had the others drop her off on “the nearest Earth”. (COMIC: Makeshift Multiverse)

Attending the Lunar College of Selene[]

Jenny Everywhere (Bacterial Lunarversity)

Jenny running from the Video-Bots. (COMIC: Bacterial Lunarversity)

In one universe, a version of Jenny attended the Lunar College of Selene, supposedly a school for gifted young students, but in reality a "mental death camp", in Jenny's own words. It was unclear whether or not this universe had a native Jenny, but if it did, this version of Jenny would have originated on the planet Earth.

This Jenny, along with three other students, came up with a plan to overthrow the institution governing the Moon. By swearing at a Video-Bot, she convinced Ms Stern, a teacher at the university, to reassign her to the greenhouse, where she managed to steal a canister of extremely powerful fertilizer. Mixing the bacteria from her saliva with the fertilizer, she allowed them to multiply into the trillions. As her friends created a distraction, Jenny stole a lunar roving vehicle and escaped the university. Looking into a Video-Bot, she poured the bacteria-infused fertilizer onto the Moon's surface in the hopes of kickstarting evolution, saying "Let there be life" as she did.

This version of Jenny was physically identical to the Jenny who dated David, but was outfitted in the NASA-issued suit common to the residents of the Lunar College. (COMIC: Bacterial Lunarversity)

Assisting the Nommo[]

Jenny Everywhere in Say The Word

Jenny speaking with the Nommo. (COMIC: Say The Word)

One version of Jenny, a young woman wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt emblazoned with the number “23”, shifted at random into a moving house in one universe, by the seaside. She briefly hoped that she had shifted into a world suitable for a vacation, but soon encountered the Nommo, an alien being from the Sirius star system, who explained that he had come to Earth hoping to bring humanity “Enlightenment” in the form of the Logos. Realising that, if left to his own devices, the fish-like Nommo would end up as more of a martyr than a prophet, Jenny decided to stick by him and help him plan out the gradual release of his utopian message through a series of art performances in various media. (COMIC: Say The Word)

Lady Chaos[]

Jenny Everywhere in New York Chaos

Jenny Everywhere during her Statue of Liberty expedition. (COMIC: New York Chaos)

One universe's incarnation of Jenny Everywhere was an anarchist with a particular grudge against the then-current government of the United States. Together with a group of friends, she managed such feats as halting America's annexation of unspecified countries in the Middle East. Some time later, she blew up the Statue of Liberty (declaring herself the “Lady Chaos” to the Statue's “Lady Liberty”), shifting out of the statue moments before the bomb she had place detonated. (COMIC: New York Chaos)

Facing the Drag-Racing Monkeys[]

Jenny Everywhere in Something Wasn't Right

Jenny realises she is being accused of witchcraft by Nathaniel. (COMIC: Something Wasn't Right.)

One incarnation of Jenny was prone to having her clothing and, to an extent, physical appearance, change when she shifted into a new universe, to match its aesthetic.

She once found herself in a puritan village, where she was nearly burned at the stake as a witch when a freak rain of toads coincided with the unfortunately real fact of her having stolen the township's communion wine (albeit just to drink it). (COMIC: Something Wasn't Right.)

She shifted with a hiccough into another universe, inhabited primarily by anthropomorphic rodents; as a result she gained artificial bunny ears that made her more inconspicuous in this new world. Meeting Joe McPhud, she quickly learned that the city of the rabbits faced attack by the Drag-Racing Monkeys and helped the Bunnies defend themselves.

However, she got drunk in the subsequent celebration and eventually hiccoughed again, sending her to yet a new universe — a darker one where she faced non-sentient giant rats. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere vs. the Drag-Racing Monkeys)

This Jenny was present in the Infinite, alongside many others, when another Jenny briefly passed through while dealing with a robber. (COMIC: Rail Shift)

Alex's girlfriend[]

Jenny Everywhere (Miss Adventure)

Jenny thrilled at the prospect of an adventure at the cinema. (COMIC: Miss Adventure)

One incarnation of Jenny had the standard look, looking much as she did when she met Shiva. She wore knee-high black boots, a very long scarf, and a shirt with a skull-and-crossbow design imprinted on the left shoulder. A capable fighter, this Jenny wielded a laser pistol and had some kind of communicator bracelet she used to stay in contact with her friend Dusty, who served as her “tech support” on her adventures, tracking her movements through dimensions from behind a computer and occasionally manipulating events to help her make her escape.

Jenny dated a man called Alex, who was kidnapped by unknown enemies of Jenny's. She embarked on a quest to get him back, but ended up getting chased across dimensions by a pair of violent, armour-wearing tentacled creatures who refused to talk to her, seeming intent on killing her. They chased her all the way to 1938 Chicago in a universe whose Jenny was not a real person, but a fictional comic-book character who'd recently debuted, the same month as Superman. Jenny soon defeated the creatures, but was redirected by Dusty to the Benton Cinema (currently showing War of the Worlds), as Dusty had picked up a “massive bleep” coming from that area. Jenny, who loved the cinema, was fairly thrilled. (COMIC: Miss Adventure)

1930s comic book character[]

Jenny Everywhere 1938 in-universe comic

Jenny on the cover of Issue 1 of her comic. (COMIC: Miss Adventure)

In one universe, a Jenny Everywhere comic book was launched in 1938 in America, concurrently with a comic on whose cover a bloke lifted a car. In this comic, Jenny was depicted as a dimension-traveller from the future who wielded a variety of gadgets, including a laser pistol. She was similar in appearance and attire to the flesh-and-blood Jenny who briefly shifted into this universe by coincidence around the time of the book's release. (COMIC: Miss Adventure)

Abducting Zix Zofar[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Zuperiority Complex)

One universe's Jenny Everywhere wore a black scarf and a white shirt emblazoned with a black skull on the left shoulder. She was white, with short brown hair, and wore likewise black goggles. She had fine control over her shifting abilities, having the ability to shift other people than herself out of a given location without fully materialising there herself. She demonstrated herself when abducting the supervillain Zix Zofar from his lair for an unknown purpose just as the superhero Zionus had reached him. (COMIC: Zuperiority Complex)

The Shapeshifter[]

Jenny Everywhere (Untitled J

Jenny visiting NASA H.Q. (COMIC: Untitled)

One version of Jenny Everywhere was incapable of physical shifting from one universe to another, and instead justified the nickname of “the Shifter” by her ability to shapeshift into other creatures, all the while retaining her human intelligence and the power of speech. She once walked into the headquarters of NASA out of curiosity, and, when close to being caught by security, shapeshifted into an ape to avoid detection. However, she was then confused with the actual test-flight apes and forcibly sent on a rocket flight. This Jenny was last seen reflecting that “no shapeshifting would get her out of this one” as she became seemingly the first human in her world to leave Earth. (COMIC: Untitled)

Brush with Charles S. Vincent[]

Jenny Everywhere in Eight to One

Jenny sulking. (COMIC: Eight to One Guest Starring Jenny Everywhere, the Shifter)

In one universe, Jenny, who appeared ticked off about something or other, was walking through the street when Charles S. Vincent, an antisocial artist who'd been told to try and socialise with more people, decided to make a half-hearted, self-defeating attempt at the same. He walked up to a confused Jenny, stood around sulking for a few seconds, then write it off as a failure when she failed to make a first move. (COMIC: Eight to One Guest Starring Jenny Everywhere, the Shifter)

Unnamed universe

Jenny readies her bow (COMIC: Untitled)

Facing a monster[]

In one universe, one version of Jenny, a skilled marksman armed with a bow and arrow, faced off against a multi-tentacled monster on a forested planet. She managed to defeat the creature, sending it spiraling off into space. (COMIC: Untitled)

Having coffee with a friend[]

Jenny (No Café This Time)

Jenny admitting that she is tired of responding to the mysterious transmissions. (COMIC: No Café This Time)

In one universe, the local Jenny, a standard-looking incarnation of the Shifter who wore black earrings, apparently received regular transmissions or calls for help from a mysterious individual. After one such transmission, Jenny, unhappy, declared that she was tired of responding to them; she proceeded to ignore the call and have another drink with her friend instead. (COMIC: No Café This Time)

Dancing with John Dee[]

One universe's incarnation of Jenny was part-demon. She had purple feathers in place of hair and orange horns growing out of her hips. She was “flowery and black” and wore “mean little blue biker-shorts”.

This incarnation of Jenny once spent a night dancing in a club in Stoke-on-Trent. She danced with John Dee until she recognised him as the infamous villainous occultist. A fight ensued during which Jenny spoke Enochian to summon six angels down to Earth to assist her in the scuffle. After Ed Kelley knocked out Dee, Jenny made her escape and took a cab to Keele, where she hoped an old friend could help her with “a late-night banishing rite”. (PROSE: John Dee, Jenny Everywhere: Round One)

Rescuing Brother Martin[]

Jenny Everywhere in By The Book

The incarnation of Jenny who met “Brother Martin”. (COMIC: By The Book)

One universe's incarnation of Jenny had fairly long black hair, wore a black vest and full-length trousers, and carried a small backpack. Although not actually Guatemalan, she could pass for a native thereof — and indeed, she visited Guatemala on several occasions. On one of them, she befriended locals who had yet to be driven out by colonizers.

Later, alerted that a wounded man needed urgent help, she happened upon a bigoted missionary called Brother Martin. She did what she could to help him, although doing him no favours, merely telling him how to get food and water rather than actually giving him either. She had a lengthy chat with Martin, trying to figure out his worldview and — once she got a reasonably clear picture — attempting to change him for the better, though it's unclear that she had much luck in the latter endeavour. (COMIC: By The Book)

Evil Jenny[]

Evil Jenny in Governing Council

The “Evil Jenny” about to commit murder. (COMIC: Governing Council)

One universe's Jenny, who had dark, long hair and arched eyebrows, and wore a scarf with stark black stripes, was abnormally violent and revengeful, to the point of being “evil”. After a man with whom she was in a relationship cheated on her, she prepared to stab him to death in revenge, but was halted by the Governing Council, who pulled her into their mindscape and held a trial for her. With the Council deciding that the murder should on no account be allowed to come to pass, they offered the accused Jenny a second chance, shifting her mind into another universe and another body where she was to start afresh. Meanwhile, another Jenny took over her original body. (COMIC: Governing Council)

“Evil” Jenny[]

At the request of the Governing Council, another Jenny used shifting to trade bodies and universes with the “evil Jenny”. Playing the part of the evil Jenny having gotten hold of her senses, she dropped the knife with which she had been threatening the man and apologised. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Prosecutor Jenny[]

Prosecutor Jenny in Governing Council

The “Prosecutor Jenny” making her opening argument. (COMIC: Governing Council)

One Jenny served as the prosecutor when the Governing Council held trials for other incarnations. She was “very corporate-looking”, with a striped suit, a scarf that looks like a tie, and goggles that simply look like very large glasses. In the trial of the “evil Jenny”, she argued that while some individuality from Jenny was of course naturla, it was unforgivable for this Jenny to have ignored the calls of a literal infinity of her other self not to kill her unfaithful boyfriend. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Defence Jenny[]

Elvish Defence Jenny in Governing Council

The “Defence Jenny” making her opening argument. (COMIC: Governing Council)

One Jenny served as the defence when the Governing Council held trials for other incarnations. She was an elf with long hair. Her goggles were glass held in a complex metal headpiece, and her scarf was almost transparent. She wore a short-lived shirt and a skirt. In the trial of the “evil Jenny”, she argued that it made no sense to attempt to stop this particular murder when there was necessarily a reality somewhere in the Multiverse where the Council had been helpless to stop the same event from happening: with infinity came the fact that every possibility, including dark ones, must exist whether one liked it or not. (COMIC: Governing Council)

In a universe where large amounts of media about Jenny Everywhere were created between 2001 and 3001, by 3001, Jenny Evans was aware of there having been at least one “Elf Jenny” in these stories. (PROSE: This Might Happen Someday)

The Governing Council[]

Governing Council

Jen, Julie and Jenny. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Three incarnations of the Shifter made up the Governing Council, who acted as the magistrates and peacekeepers of the telepathic network of Jennies. They went by Jen, Julie and Jenny, respectively. Together, they had various abilities, such as reaching through the Infinite to view any possible developments of the case upon which they were ruling. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Jen of the Governing Council[]

"Jen" had short but smooth hair, Asian features, square goggles and a thick coat. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Julie of the Governing Council[]

“Julie” had small, round goggles, a thin face and long straight hair. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Jenny of the Governing Council[]

“Jenny” had wavier hair and wore leather gauntlets that covered her forearms. (COMIC: Governing Council)

Friendly paradoxes[]

Jenny and the Wizard in Narcissist

A young Jenny Everywhere and the old wizard. (COMIC: Narcissist?)

One universe's Jenny had short, spiky hair. Her particular brand of shifting, which enabled her to time-travel with ease, was triggered by putting her foot behind her head, and produced a ‘SPLINK!’ sound. This Jenny started shifting as a very young girl. She became friends with an old wizard, who told her stories about his youth and how he had first gotten into magic. One day, he wished that she had come into his life earlier.

Grown-up Jenny in Narcissist

The adult Jenny Everywhere, talking to her friend from inside the mirror. (COMIC: Narcissist?)

Jenny decided to fulfill her friend's wish, erasing the timeline of their first meeting from all but her own memory by going back to meet him at an earlier date. The younger version of her friend blamed her when he ended up in a mental hospital, although she continued to talk to him through the mirror in his bedroom, and eventually brought him a note from his new future self, which told him to get over himself and adapt. To get him to carry the note back, changing history a second time, the wizard's new future self had bet Jenny a pint of beer that she wouldn't dare cause another paradox. (COMIC: Narcissist?)

In Reality Z-25 31-H[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Reality Z-25 31-H)

One Jenny who ended up in Reality Z-25 31-H (though she was not native to it) was a thin but athletic Asian young woman, who often wore a crop top and sneakers. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere and Friends, Meanwhile, In Queens) She had a tattoo on her lower back, a stylised drawing resembling a blue bird seen from the front with its wings out spread. (COMIC: Ghost Story) She had a corresponding Jenny Nowhere who looked exactly identical to her, down to having a similar tattoo. (COMIC: Tales To Behold)

This Jenny was familiar with fellow shifter Sven Allestädes, and preferred to avoid running into him; though she was reluctant to discuss the details, it seemed that she had been caught up in a very embarrassing incident by shifter standards, in the presence of Sven, when she was “still learning the ropes”. (COMIC: The Nicest Place in the Universe)

Meeting Ed[]

Jenny Everywhere Sob Story

The Jenny Everywhere who met Ed. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Sob Story)

One incarnation of Jenny wore a black jacket with white lapels and a light scarf. She was a tireless defender of good, describing herself openly as a superhero; she noted that she rarely got the time to use her shifting powers for her own enjoyment, being too busy fighting evil.

She had some amount of Fourth Wall Awareness, as, while visiting one universe, she defined herself as “an open-source super-hero” to a young man she encountered, Ed. Ed turned out to be fairly close-minded, refusing to listen to Jenny as she explained that she had better things to do with her powers than zip around the world watching Law & Order reruns all day, and she eventually took leave of him, although she told him she had enjoyed meeting him, even so. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Sob Story)

Captured by Sizemore[]

One Jenny's hair was actually blond, but she dyed it black to better resemble her “default” self. She was a lackadaisical traveller. Once, while she was in the process of sleeping with all of the Beatles in turn, she was abducted by a mysterious bearded man known as Sizemore, who seemed to know even more about how her shifting powers than she did. After she fruitlessly tried to shake him off by shifting through eight universes in rapid succession, he finally brought her to his home.

There, Sizemore revealed that he was a writer and that, from his perspective, Jenny was a fictional character. As she struggled with the existential implications of this revelation, Sizemore demonstrated his power over by writing short snippets of prose retconning aspects of her history; she briefly found herself facing an alien invasion, and then remembering a fictitious early life in Sydney where she'd allegedly met her first girlfriend. After a visit from Sizemore's friend Boag, Sizemore finished off Jenny, now going mad, by writing her out of existence altogether. (PROSE: Paperback Writer)

Against the Monerans[]

Jenny Everywhere in Untitled Iamus comic strip

An angry, drunk Jenny. (COMIC: Untitled)

One incarnation of Jenny was short and stout. She wore a skirt and a very long, striped scarf, (COMIC: Spores of Doom) yellow and black; a wristwatch; (COMIC: Untitled) and the flower pin in her hair.

In one universe, she was once called in to help by a shepherd to fight off the Monerans who were attacking his flock. Jenny did her best but was unable to subdue even a single Moneran. (COMIC: Spores of Doom) Jenny later found herself in a seedy bar frequented by aliens as well as humans and, having gotten drunk, ranted at a baffled blue alien about the unfairness of the universe and her intention to change it for the better. (COMIC: Untitled)

Max Murdock's friend[]


Jenny leaves one universe (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere is Back for the First Time)

One version of Jenny, a thin woman with pale skin and brown hair, was incapable of choosing where she shifted without great effort. She could also temporarily connect people with versions of themselves in alternate universes, allowing them to experience their other selves' lives.

This Jenny shifted into a universe without a native Jenny and began a romantic relationship with Max Murdock, an employee of the Weekly Comet. After shifting out of this universe, she attempted to return, but ended up several years earlier in the world's history than she had last time. Instead of recreating her relationship with Max, she helped him smooth things over in his current relationship, turning Jenny's previous visit into an alternate timeline.

Later, this Jenny visited an alternate universe in which Max and his partner Andrea Campos had been married for fifteen years and wished them a happy anniversary, although neither of them recognized her.

In her future, this Jenny was apparently very strict about the prevention of temporal paradoxes. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere is Back for the First Time)

Conqueror of Hell[]

Jenny Everywhere in Jenny Everywhere Vs Hell

Jenny in Hell. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Vs Hell)

One world's incarnation of Jenny was fairly standard in terms of physical appearance. She wore a blue scarf, white shirt and brown jacket. This version of Jenny grew up in a normal modern-Earth setting, with her granny lecturing her when she was fifteen about the "sinfulness" of being queer, which left Jenny utterly unimpressed.

Later, as a young adult now fully in-control of her shifting powers, she lived with her girlfriend. One morning, she was somehow transported to the gates of Hell, where a Demon led her down the winding spiral staircase to meet Judge #6, who tried to try and condemn her as a damned soul. Jenny rejected the whole nonsensical scenario, however, fighting back against the demons.

She was thus taken to meet the Devil himself. He attempted to shame her for her queerness and eccentricities, but Jenny, utterly unimpressed, used the whole breadth of her interdimensional nature to knock down the Devil, and then took his throne, declaring that this was now “Day One of the Republic of Hell”. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Vs Hell)

That she had fought “the Fallen” was later cited by Grandmaster Awndisk as one of the reasons Jenny Everywhere in gestalt was far more than the humble wanderer that the Jenny he was faced with claimed. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

In the Infinity Apartment[]

One version of Jenny lived in the Infinity Apartment, an apartment that was a pocket dimension unto itself capable of exiting in any reality she chose, and which was “an extension of [her] being”. She was of variabl appearance; it is unclear if she had the ability to change her appearance, or if she was one consciousness who frequently traded bodies with other Jennies.

Jenny Everywhere in Infinity Apartment.

Jenny talking with Keith. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

This Jenny once dated a Robot until a personality upgrade on the robot's part made them incompatible. Jenny was less upset at the break-up itself than at the robot's decision to begin the conversation with such a cliché as “Jenny, we need to talk”. At the time, she wore green overalls and a short-sleeved periwinkle T-shirt, as well as a beige scarf and gray-blue goggles. She had pale skin and her hair was short and dark, with two short pigtails in the back.

Later, now sporting longer, mauve hair, a dark green T-shirt illustrated with an emoji version of herself, a very light green scarf, pale skin, and goggles of blueish glass with a brown leather strap, Jenny attempted to convince one of her neighbours, Keith, that she did in fact exist in multiple realities, as did the Apartment. To do so, she opened her door into a universe inhabited by Dragons.

Now appearing as a tall black woman with an afro, wearing a futuristic outfit including a single-glass metal visor in place of goggles, Jenny quibbled with Thuban's claim that he was going to summarise Star Wars in six panels, pointing out that he was burning through panels merely by talking about what he was going to do and would run out of space. In the end Thuban had to condense everything into a single unintelligible panel captioned “Stuff happened”.

ShatterScreen in Infinity Apartment - Strip 5

Jenny is startled by ShatterScreen. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

After Jenny ordered “a superhero movie” from Webfilms, she somehow received a live superhero, ShatterScreen, who became a new flatmate of hers. Her surprise the morning she “received” ShatterScreen was compounded by also being the morning of her first meeting with her more official new flatmate, Ezri, who for some reason introduced herself to Jenny by popping out of the rubbish bin. That morning, Jenny was a fit, tall woman wiht long blonde hair, wearing a green top and crimson scarf.

Appearing with very short brown hair, a khaki vest and a long, blue-grey scarf, Jenny was observed by Keith listening at one of the “unclaimed” doors in the Apartment, marvelling at the shifting possibilities within.

Shortly thereafter, when their environment became oddly abstract, ShatterScreen became agitated, worrying that “one of his enemies” had used an Abstraction Ray on them as part of an evil scheme. However, Jenny reassured him that it was probably just the creator trying out a new art-style.

Keith and Jenny at the Ninja Club

Jenny and Keith at Club Jitsu. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

Jenny decided to take her new friends out to Club Jitsu, a ninja club, dressing up as a ninja for the occasion, with all-black clothing except for her blood-red scarf. At the club, she explained to the surprised Ezri, Thuban and Keith that they were indeed surrounded by hundreds of ninjas, who were simply plying their trade and therefore remaining almost indetectable. Soon enough a few began to mingle with the less discreet guests, with Jenny observing wryly as Keith utterly failed to flirt with one ninja while Thuban had better luck with another (due to, unlike Keith, actually speaking Japanese).

For Halloween 2006, Jenny dressed up as, ironically enough, Officer Jenny.

Jenny Everywhere in Infinity Apartment - Strip 12

Jenny, ready for battle, arrives in Ezri's universe with her companions. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

Around the same time, a distress call came from Ezri's home world, which was being invaded by an evil overlord called Minrath. Jenny donned a “warrior” aspect, with pale skin, dark red eyes, and short graying hair buzzed on the sides, wearing steel armour with an infinity symbol on the chest-plate as well as a helmet adorned with red spikes. She then travelled to Ezri's universe, alongside Ezri, Thuban and ShatterScreen, where the group was greeted by the Lady who'd sent the message. To Jenny's surprise, she informed them that she actually only needed Ezri, who was the Chosen One and Champion of Prophecy, and that Jenny and ShatterScreen's martial prowess was irrelevant.

New Jenny in Infinity Apartment - Strip 20

Jenny returns to the Infinity Apartment after a long absence — and a rather extreme change of style. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

This revelation shook Jenny to the core: feeling irrationally jealous that, for once, she was not the chosen one of destiny, she then examined this feeling and discovered that she was getting too distant and feckless, trapped in the performative role of the hero rather than truly being herself. She left the Apartment ot “find herself”, neglecting to inform her flatmates of where she was going. Eventually, she successfully reinvented herself, adopting a very different standard appearance for the normal, with long, wavy brown hair and glasses, her only concession to outlandishness being that she frequently changed her eye colour (and the colour of her glasses to match).

This was not the last major change in Jenny's life as she met, fell in love with, and ultimately married Alan, a vampire. After the wedding, Jenny found the courage to return to the Apartment and explain herself to her friends, arriving there a little before Alan, who was planning to move in with her but had a few things to take care of first. She discovered that Ezri was now dating Quinn, a shapeshifter who'd helped her defeat Minrath. She quickly befriended Quinn, despite a misadventure which saw Jenny's subconscious driving Quinn to shapeshift against his fill first into an ice cream cone, and later into a duplicate of Alan. She was able to participate in the Apartmant gang's group Thanksgiving picture.

Jenny Everywhere and Alan in Infinity Apartment - Strip 37

Jenny helps her husband Alan get settled in. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

Jenny was too slow in breaking the news to all of her flatmates that her new husband was in fact a vampire, and had to defend him from ShatterScreen when he did arrive, as ShatterScreen thought him to be a threat and began to lunge at him. After things were smoothed over, Jenny was able to help Alan get settled in, though she teased him about how much of a neat-freak he was being in making sure the room was absolutely tidy, given that their intentions for the night would no doubt mess it up again.

Once they were settled, Jenny experimented with returning to a more classic look, with goggles, a scarf, and short (blond) hair, on the occasion of an outing in an unidentified universe with Alan. She became fascinated by a strange creature in a pet shop window, despite Alan's attempt to convince her that it was unwise of her to be so set on adopting it already, when she didn't even know the thing's species' name, but she seemed undeterred.

Later still, Jenny tried to help Alan stay motivated on his webcomic, Ego World, which he felt was going nowhere. (COMIC: Infinity Apartment)

Visiting Beebleville[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Everywhere)
Jenny Everywhere in Beebleville

Jenny in Vince Beeble's bathroom. (COMIC: Everywhere)

One incarnation of Jenny, who had long brown hair, wore a maroon jacket, a red shirt, blue jeans, and a beige scarf. She once shifted into Vince Beeble's home universe while in the middle of an adventure, gun in hand. However, she appeared not only in the middle of Beebleville, but in the middle of Beeble's own bathroom, something with which he understandably took issue. Jenny didn't really apologise for the intrusion, however. (COMIC: Everywhere)

Red-goggled Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (When Casting Calls)

One version of Jenny was a short, athletic Asian young woman who wore goggles with red lenses and a white scarf with red trimming. Her outfits beyond that varied, including one with beige pants and a dark short-sleeved T-shirt with a large red star motif, and one with a plain white shirt, a beige jacket and blue jeans. She had great control of her shifting powers.

This Jenny once spent some time living on a movie studio set, and had adventures with Walt. (COMIC: When Casting Calls) This incarnation of Jenny later created a Twitter account in one universe she visited. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere's Twitter)

Onboard the Wilson[]

One incarnation of Jenny, with the standard “thin, short-haired Asian young woman” look, wore a beige scarf with a red stripe on each end. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles, Untitled)

With Michael Wherever[]

Jenny of the Wilson

Jenny as she appeared aboard the Wilson shortly after meeting the Illumination. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

Jenny, who habitually dyed a lock of her hair bright red, became the primary nemesis of Chaos, a malicious and destructive being ravaging the Multiverse. Jenny began recruiting companions and allies, often past Anchors of her, to help her in the fight against Chaos and his disciple, using a ship called the Wilson as a base. At some point after she'd met Raleigh, Jenny met a version of Michael Wherever whom she initially made into an Anchor, and who soon became her best friend and staunchest ally. In those days, she dyed one lock of her hair red.

While she and Michael crewed the Wilson together, Jenny once went out for a space-walk and happened upon a humanoid not wearing any knd of space suit despite floating freely in the void of space. He turned out to be the Illumination, one of the more benevolent Abstracts and a past companion of Michael in the latter's solo travels. She brought the Illumination back on board and began to bond with him, but their socialising was interrupted by an alarm signaling that Odious had been spotted in Universe Juliet-Two-Two-Six. With Michael and Stix unavailable, Jenny decided to go down to that Earth herself with the Illumination and Amy. She did not realise that Chaos himself had somehow materialised onboard the ship while they were distracted. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

This Jenny was among the ones who simultaneously disappeared from the Multiverse one day without explanation (as Jenny regenerated her mental and physical shifting powers in a secret realm beyond Time). In her absence, Michael and the Illumination flew the Wilson into the Infinite to look for her, to no avail. Eventually, all the Jennies returned to reality of their own accord. (PROSE: The Disappearance of Jenny Everywhere)

Losing Michael[]

Jenny Everywhere with Julian

Jenny with Julian. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

At some point, on Jenny's birthday, Jenny and Michael fought Chaos head-on, with Jenny distracting him while Michael prepared to hit him with a stick. (COMIC: Untitled) However, although Chaos's attempt to kill Jenny “failed miserably”, things still went awry, with Michael being lost in some way which Jenny later thought she could have preventd if she had been less focused on her own self-preservation.

Though embittered, Jenny, who ceased dying her hair, went on with the fight against Chaos and his disciples. She once engaged Nyx, a shapeshifting disciple of Chaos's, in one-on-one combat. With the battle not going well, she shifted the both of them to the middle of the sky in a random universe, landing softly thanks to switching her scarf for a parachute using shifting, while Nyx, though unharmed, buried herself at the bottom of a pit upon impact. However, some of the time she hoped to gain with this maneuver was lost due to the leader of the commune of pacifists on whose land she had intruded, Magistrate Harless, attempting to use his telepathic powers to stop Jenny from doing anything violent — even fighting Nyx. However, Raleigh came to her aid, accidentally killing Harless in the process, in time for Jenny to continue her duel with a resurfacing Nyx.

She eventually succeeded in dealing the shapeshifter a killing blow, but as one last act of evil, Nyx had "booby-trapped" her last body, which consumed the planet they were on in a huge nuclear blast a few seconds after Nyx's death. Jenny only had time to save one inhabitant of the planet, the pacifist she had taken as her Anchor: a kind-hearted man called Julian. With Julian cautiously accepting an offer to join the crew of the Wilson, Jenny pledged to train him. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

Jenny Jacobs[]

There were a number of universes where Jenny grew up in Westbrook, Wisconsin under the name of “Jenny Jacobs”, the adopted daughter of white parents, Simon Jacobs and his wife. She usually had one sister, Julie, and sometimes more siblings. Because Westbrook picked up “a lot of hyperdimensional phenomena”, these Jennies tended to spend their life there, even in universes where she ended up estranged from her parents over the years. These Jennies would typically bounce from one career to the next, from the menial to the extremely unusual (including landscape artist, circus acrobat and giant robot pilot). (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

As a superhero[]

Angry Jenny Jacobs

An angry Jenny Jacobs. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

One such universe's incarnation of Jenny also had the standard look, though she came into her power a little younger than usual. She grew up in Westbrook, Wisconsin under the name of “Jenny Jacobs”, the adopted daughter of Simon Jacobs and his wife; she had two sisters, one older — Julie — and one younger — Jordan. As a teenager, she had a boyfriend, called Alan.

Realising her true nature, Jenny began acting as the superhero “the Shifter”, protecting the city from the various extradimensional threats which somehow kept falling onto Westbrook specifically from other corners of the Multiverse. Her parents knew her secret, with her mother having worried sick on one occasion when Jenny was kidnapped, although Jenny's sisters remained in the dark. As "the Shifter", Jenny wore a red outfit which included a mask, but no goggles; an “S” resembling a stylised scarf was emblazoned on her torso. Though putting on a brave face, Jenny found it hard to keep up with all the responsibilities and obligations she had to deal with, and secretly yearned for someone else who could take up her burden.

Jenny Jacobs as superhero

Jenny as the superhero “the Shifter”. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

On one occasion, “the Shifter” had to deal with an Ogre wearing a flail, and was interrupted by another interdimensional interloper who shot gleaming blue arrows. Some time alter, the Shifter saw a Vertginite orb fall from the sky and into an alleyway. Unaware of its true nature, Jenny touched it and brought it home, leading it to adopt the form of an evil duplicate of herself, who became this universe's Jenny Nowhere. When the Shifter confronted her, the Vertginite confessed that she had been sent to this world by Chaos. Jenny was distrubed to learn that Chaos was taking an interest in her in this world and incarnation, and sufficiently distracted that Nowhere managed to slip away. (COMIC: The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles)

This Jenny was present at a Christmas party peopled with many Jennies and companions thereof from across the Multiverse, seen reclining against a stairway bannister while talking with another guest. (COMIC: Merry Christmas Everywhere)

Roommates with Julie[]

In a different variation of this kind of universe, Jenny ended up estranged from her parents for unknown reasons, but she kept ties with Julie, eventually moving in with her in an apartment on North Wintle Street. The Westbrook and Julie of this universe were the ones which survived into the Collapsed Cosmos after the collapse of the Multiverse, being snatched from oblivion by the Archons to become part of the Redoubt. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

Chef at the Restaurant[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 2 (Second Date)

One dark-haired Jenny wearing a light scarf was one of the chefs at the Restaurant, an interdimensional restaurant run by and for incarnations of Jenny Everywhere. (PROSE: Second Date)

Biker Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 3 (Second Date)

One incarnation of Jenny appeared as “a young woman in classic motorcycle gear, complete with leather helmet”. She wore a long white scarf with “something printed on it in Japanese”. (PROSE: Second Date) She came from a universe where a notable landmark in New York City had been destroyed in September 13th, 2001. She later noted that she had visited a number of New Yorks, including Nude York, which she found interesting, but inhospitable in the winter. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Rifle-wielding Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 4 (Second Date)

One incarnation of Jenny looked physically identical to the “biker Jenny”. She wore buckskins as well as a fringed shawl draped over her shoulders, standing in for the usual scarf. She had a 19th century lever-action rifle by her side and was eating some meat at the Restaurant when a different Jenny took her boyfriend there for the first time. (PROSE: Second Date)

As a talking dinosaur[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 5 (Second Date)

One incarnation of Jenny was a reptilian humanoid, a sort of talking dinosaur resembling a miniature Godzilla — although she still had a human voice and wore a scarf. She was one of the patrons of the Restaurant when a different Jenny took her boyfriend there for the first time. They witnessed one of many rows between this Jenny and the “Ninja” Jenny. (PROSE: Second Date)


See main article: Jhenni Everywhere

“Jhenni Everywhere” was a non-human incarnation of Jenny Everywhere, originating in a universe of anthropomorphic animals where humans were unheard of. (COMIC: The Nipped Nap) She was “a furry creature, the size of a human child with the head of a giant rodent”. She wore a prim Victorian dress and long knit scarf, and spoke in a soft, distinguished British accent. (PROSE: Second Date, COMIC: The Nipped Nap)

Second date[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 1 (Second Date)

One mundane universe's Jenny, who had the standard Asian-young-woman appearance, once began dating a young man. On their first date, which went well, he took her to places he was familiar with. Wanting to be sure he could accept her true nature, for their second date, Jenny took him to the Restaurant to introduce him to the idea that she had other selves. After getting over the initial shock, he took it well, and a delighted Jenny promised to show him other, even more interesting places. (PROSE: Second Date)

Cha Ni[]

See main article: Cha Ni

One incarnation of Jenny was known as “Cha Ni”. She lived into old age, and became an oracle, living in the Temple of the Oracle in one universe. There, she appeared as a woman “about [Jenny's] height, with long silver hair”, wearing “a layered white robe and, of course, a long stole and a blindfold over her eyes”. Her resemblance to a normal Jenny Everywhere was stronger when she smiled or laughed. Though “retired” from adventuring herself, Cha Ni often received visits from other, younger incarnations of the Shifter, who sought advice from her. (PROSE: Paying It Forward) She also sometimes visited the Restaurant. (PROSE: Second Date) On the occasion of one particular Jenny's first visit to the Temple, she gave her younger counterpart a list of yet other Jennies who may need active help. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Stunt pilot[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 1 (Paying It Forward)

One Jenny was an Amelia Earhart-esque aviatrix who flew an Everywhere Explorer especially modified so that she could also fly it across dimensions. She once had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the empty Eurasian steppes of one universe. There, she unsuccessfully tried to repair her engines, finding that she was missing a key piece; this very piece was brought to her by another Jenny who had been sent by Cha Ni. In thanks, the pilot Jenny offered to fly her to her next destination. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Janni, She Who Walks In Every Place[]

See main article: Janni, She Who Walks In Every Place

One universe's version of the Shifter was known as Janni, She Who Walks In Every Place. She was described as “a dark amazon”, tall and fit. She wore light clothing, which did include “a headband with two round amulets”. Her shifting powers were somewhat unique; she travelled across huge distances along a beam of glowing, rainbow light which, once she had reached her destination, shrank down, allowing her to drape it over her shoulders — thus making it her version of the typical Jenny Everywhere scarf. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Genie Everywhere[]

See main article: Genie Everywhere

One universe's native version of Jenny Everywhere was nicknamed “Genie Everywhere” (or Djinn fi kuli makan in Arabic), being a djinn trapped in a bottle. She was eventually freed by different Jenny Everywhere. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Genevieve, Princess of Everywhere[]

See main article: Genevieve, Princess of Everywhere

One universe's native version of Jenny Everywhere was a medieval princess called Genevieve, who styled herself the “Princess of Everywhere”. She appeared as “a woman in an implausibly pink ruffled dress”, and had the ability to talk to animals. (PROSE: Paying It Forward) She was usually dressed in an “improbably pink and frilly dress” with a matching lace ruffle, also wearing “a tiara set with crystals, glinting even in indoor light”. (PROSE: Pit Stop) She had “prophetic dreams” based on the knowledge of her other selves but no awareness of her multidimensional nature, nor, seemingly, the ability to shift at will. (PROSE: Paying It Forward) Instead, she used a dream spinner to travel across parallel worlds, which she interpreted as “dreamlands”. It had been built for her by her raccoon sidekicks Wu and Willow. (PROSE: Pit Stop)

Fighting Doctor Shiokara[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Tweetstorm)

One universe's version of Jenny was a hero who often updated her Twitter account as she fought various supervillains. She lived in a seaside city, off the coast of which there existed an island which was used by a succession of villains as a secret lair. One year, it was occupied by Captain Iguanodon, who added a blimp hangar. By then, Jenny was familiar with the place and some of its secret passageways. The next year, when Doctor Shiokara's giant squids attacked the city, Jenny defeated them with road salt before following Shiokara's minions back to the island in her biplane. (PROSE: Tweetstorm)

Shih tzu Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 5 (Paying It Forward)

One Jenny was a shih tzu, though she still wore the traditional scarf (in her case, pink) and goggles, and was apparently capable of holding a conversation. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Confrontation at Elysium Park[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 6 (Paying It Forward)

After a sandy-haired man caused her some unknown grief, one dimension's Jenny tried to cow him into apologising, but he did not believe her claims about being a multi-dimensional entity. Jenny summoned a large number of her other selves to the city, allowing her to increasingly spook the man; the other Jennies corralled him to Elysium Park where she confronted him and finally got him to lose his poise and say “sorry”. Leaving him “crying on a bench”, she then “stalked away”. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Priest Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 9 (Paying It Forward)

One Jenny was a priest of some Christian denomination or other, wearing the black clothing associated with the occupation (including a clerical collar instead of a scarf). She was was one of the Jennies summoned by one world's Jenny to Elysium Park to spook a sandy-haired man who'd gotten on the bad side of the local Jenny and apparently did not believe her claims of being a multi-dimensional entity. She later joined the after party with twenty or so other Jennies, where she took an active part in the conversation. It surfaced, for example, that her home universe had been spared the existence of the Goatse meme. She played chess with another Jenny, “a woman in a tube top and colorfully patched bell bottoms”. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Silver jumpsuit Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere 10 (Paying It Forward)

One Jenny wore a futuristic outfit comprising a silver jumpsuit and a scarf made up of LED lights. She was was one of the Jennies summoned by one world's Jenny to help spook a sandy-haired man who'd gotten on the bad side of the local Jenny and apparently did not believe her claims of being a multi-dimensional entity. She later joined the afterparty in another universe with twenty or so other Jennies. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Jerry at the afterparty[]

See main article: Jerry Everywhere (Paying It Forward)

One incarnation of the Shifter was a handsome young man, who went by the name of Jerry. He was was one of the versions of Jenny summoned by one world's Jenny to help spook a sandy-haired man who'd gotten on the bad side of the local Jenny and apparently did not believe her claims of being a multi-dimensional entity. He later joined the afterparty in another universe with twenty or so other Jennies; many Jennies tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he ended up giving his attention to the shih tzu Jenny exclusively. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Jenny Cornelius[]

See main article: Jenny Cornelius

One version of Jenny was “very English” and went by the name of Jenny Cornelius. (PROSE: Morning After) Physically identical to the “Kim's friend” Jenny except for different fashion senses, a British accent, and longer hair, (PROSE: Watch the Skies) she was native to 1960s London in one universe, living about a thousand feet from Carnaby Street. She was a particularly reckless operator, but made an open secret of her teleporting powers, for which reason she was in the good books of the Intelligence Taskforce, who sometimes asked for her unofficial help in dealing with delicate situations. As well as Captain Stewart, with whom she also flirted (unsuccessfully), this was what put her in contact with Miss Laura Drake, who worked in the P.R. office. Jenny often went through her when trying to get in touch with the Taskforce, nearly always causing Laura unlikely headaches such as how to hide a submarine in the West India Docks. Despite their tense working relationship, Jenny managed to talk Laura into going on dates with her on multiple occasions, although, owing to the time period, they had to be discreet about it. (PROSE: The Folly of Men)

Jeanne Partout at the afterparty[]

See main article: Jeanne Partout (Paying It Forward)

One version of Jenny was “very French” and went by the name of Jeanne Partout. After being (PROSE: Morning After) of the versions of Jenny summoned by one world's Jenny to help spook a sandy-haired man who'd gotten on the bad side of the local Jenny and apparently did not believe her claims of being a multi-dimensional entity, (PROSE: Paying It Forward) she later joined the afterparty in another universe with twenty or so other Jennies. (PROSE: Paying It Forward, Morning After) She bickered at length with Jenny Cornelius, a version of Jenny who was as emphatically English as Jeanne was French, with the “Kim's friend” Jenny doing what she could to keep the level of acrimony subdued. (PROSE: Morning After)

Between Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul[]

One Jenny was a sea-farer who somehow traded cargo between Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul, with enough ocean between them that she could enjoy days-long sailing trips in-between each stop, sailing a ship called the Cheshire Catamaran. She privately reflected that it was not the profit of the trading that drew her to this line of work, but her love of the sea. The “Kim's friend” Jenny got a glimpse of this Jenny's life when she suffered from shifter hangover. (PROSE: Morning After)

Building a mill[]

A Jenny for whom access to good was a problem spent a long time working, alongside several other people, on building a mill so that they can make themselves bread. When she got shifter hangover, the “Kim's friend” Jenny got a glimpse of this Jenny's thoughts at a point when she and her friends had just gotten it working at last. (PROSE: Morning After)

Mother in Pennsylvania[]

One Jenny was an adventurer who flew an advanced biplane. She became a mother, but had to leave her daughter to grow up in Pennsylvania with “Jacob and the other Plain People” before leaving on a perilous journey from which she did not return. Before leaving, she'd left the plane behind the barn, hidden under tarps, hoping that if she did not return her daughter would find it one day. Indeed, she did, and what is more, the daughter turned out to herself be an incarnation of Jenny, allowing her to actually remember how to use the biplane as she grew up. When she got shifter hangover, the “Kim's friend” Jenny experienced some memories of the mother's lifetime, as well as the daughter's. (PROSE: Morning After)

Growing up in Pennsylvania[]

One Jenny “grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania” with “her mother's biplane hidden behind the barn”. Her mother had herself been an incarnation of Jenny, and when she was fourteen, the daughter “remembered åshe] could uncover the solar cells and reboot the plane’s computer”. When she got shifter hangover, the “Kim's friend” Jenny experienced some memories of this childhood that wasn't hers, deeming them “wonderful”. (PROSE: Morning After)

Cloning factory[]

When she got shifter hangover, the “Kim's friend” Jenny got a glimpse of the life of a Jenny who had outlived her universe and was busy reconverting an old space-ship into a cloning factory to make new Jennies to seed across the Multiverse. She was unsure of the purpose of this operation, finding its industrial nature off-putting. (PROSE: Morning After)

Opposing Robo-Stalin with Octobriana[]

One Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover bade farewell to a version of Octobriana who rode a dinosaur and was about to travel back in time to 1971 to fight “Robo-Stalin”. (PROSE: Morning After)

Fighting Professor Awesome[]

A Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover was, in stark contrast to the “Kim's friend” Jenny, a genuine enemy of a Professor Awesome who had grown to be an actually dangerous, murderous supervillain. She had known him for years, at least as early as his early twenties, by the time he launched a particularly destructive attack which left the city “on fire”. With the uncertain possibility that he had built a new Time Pestle, capable of destroying the world, hanging overhead, Jenny made up her mind to attempt to shoot down Awesome with a pistol as he gloated from atop the turret of his Omnibus, although she struggled to get a clear shot. (PROSE: Morning After)

Meddling in Camelot[]

As related to Eric by the “Kim's friend” Jenny, another of her incarnations once stole a Panzer III from some Nazis and attempted to use it to turn the tide of the Battle of Camlann. This was ineffective, but the tank did come in handy during “the evac to Avalon”. (PROSE: Morning After)

Owner of a fire-breathing cow[]

One Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover thought of herself as a “honest-ish woman”. She was the owner of a rare and much-prized fire-breathing cow. She had frequent dealings with the Fair Folk, with the Prince of the Fair Folk having stolen her cow from her on at least two occasions, and did not take them very seriously. (PROSE: Morning After)

At the beginning of Time[]

One Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover, and described by her to her friends, was present at the very beginning of the universe, witnessing the introduction of linear time, which she perceived to some degree as “the end” of the timeless universe she'd known. Her mind wasn't human, at least as the term would later be understood; indeed, human minds could not comprehend the non-linear space-time inhabited by this Jenny. The “Kim's friend” Jenny did not so much remember this story as remember remembering it, the memories having been filtered through many intermediate Jennies to become intelligible to her.Other versions of Jenny later witnessed the end of that same universe, “the laws of physics break[ing] down, freezing out into new forces nobody had ever seen before”. (PROSE: Morning After)

Space cloud Jenny[]

One Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover, and described by her to her friends, was a “space cloud”. This Jenny lived “not many universes away from here” in a world where there was life in “deep space”, between the stars, far away from all planets, in the form of “huge clouds of gas and dust held together by electromagnetism and stuff”. These entities had no knowledge of planetary life, which moved impossibly quickly from their perspective, and in turn moved and thought too slowly for planetary lifeforms to recognise them as living at all; but from their own frame of reference, the space-cloud Jenny was moving quickly and gracefully, “dancing with stars”. (PROSE: Morning After)

1970s Jenny[]

One Jenny whose life was glimpsed by Kim's friend during her shifter hangover, and described by her to her friends, leaved in — for lack of a better term — an extremely seventies version of the 1970s. Tapping into her memories, the “Kim's friend” Jenny performed a song that seemed to come from a disco version of Jesus Christ Superstar, as sung to the tune of Staying Alive. (PROSE: Morning After)

Writing The World is Toast[]

One incarnation of Jenny Everywhere wrote The World is Toast, a cookbook and travelogue combined, containing anecdotes from her travels and recipes for “over 200 varieties of toast”. Naturally, its readers included other Jennies, such as Kim's friend. (PROSE: Cleaning Day)

Meeting Fes Works[]

Jenny Everywhere in So You're Jenny Everywhere

Jenny as sketched by Fes Works. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere)

One incarnation of Jenny was fairly thin and sported short black hair. Wearing fingerless gloves, a coat with furry trimming, a long scarf, black shoes, trousers with pockets on the knees, and a black belt with a golden buckle, this Jenny once encountered a “furry guy” named Fes Works who drew a sketch of her. This image was included in a brochure distributed in the Infinite to new Jennies. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere)

Jennifer Dao Chu[]

Jennifer Dao Chu, also rendered as “Jen 到处”, was a Jenny who, in her home universe, lived in Hong Kong. She was a reporter, and liked her home city, but was also very active in the community of interdimensional Jennies. She embarked upon a project to interview dozens of her other selves, hoping the interviews could prove enlightening to yet other Jennies. The 23rd Jenny she interviewed was one who was a music critic for a magazine in one universe. The resulting interview, in which such topics as the omni-jennic principle were discussed, was included in a brochure distributed in the Infinite to new Jennies. (PROSE: So You're Jenny Everywhere)

Kim's friend[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Parallax Universe)

One world's incarnation of Jenny lived in a relatively normal universe, although one which was home to some supervillains, vampires and other such threats.

She lived in an apartment where she collected toasters. Its actual number was “8”, but the plaque was usually askew, reading “∞” instead — which suited Jenny. (PROSE: Paying It Forward) This Jenny looked “maybe Chinese, maybe Native American, maybe not”; her hair was short and “need[ed] professional attention”. As well as the traditional goggles and scarf, she wore a long coat. (PROSE: Parallax) She was once told that she resembled Mikasa Ackerman. (PROSE: I Found Him On The Internet) She spoke with a “broad American accent”, but otherwise resembled Jenny Cornelius except for hair-style and clothes. (PROSE: Watch the Skies)

She had a semi-regular job as a music critic, being, as she put it, “paid to tell bands that they suck[ed]”. (PROSE: Camera Shy) Her reviews were edited by a man called Haroun and published by Stone. (PROSE: Morning After) This Jenny was friends (PROSE: Parallax) and roommates (PROSE: Camera Shy) with the enigmatic Kim. (PROSE: Parallax, Camera Shy) Her circle of acquaintances included several other odd characters including preteen mad scientist “Professor Awesome”, or Eric, and the also mysterious David Lowe. (PROSE: Misunderstandings, etc.)

Defeating the Puritan Streaker[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (There's an App for That)

One version of Jenny was tech-savvy to the point of being able to create smartphone apps that could turn people into statues. She used them on The Puritan Streaker and her old rival Olga Desmodica. (PROSE: There's an App for That)

Dropping by Suppa$hoppa[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Paper or Plastic)
Jenny Everywhere in Paper or Plastic Bonus Strip

Jenny shopping for bread at Suppa$hoppa. (COMIC: Paper or Plastic Bonus Strip)

One, cheerful version of Jenny once dropped by the retail store Suppa$hoppa in one universe to buy a shopping cart's worth of toastable sliced bread. She was a thin, tan-skinned Asian woman with short black hair, wearing a dark gray coat, a white scarf with red ends, dark blue pants, brown shoes, and goggles with a white strap and light blue lenses. During this shopping trip, she bumped into employee Jeff O'Donnell and had a very intense conversation with him about bread. (COMIC: Paper or Plastic Bonus Strip)

Pit fight[]

Jenny Everywhere in Jenny Everywhere Took My Breath Away

Jenny after winning her fight with the gladiator. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Took My Breath Away)

One incarnation of Jenny appeared as a short Asian woman, with a wide face and a pointy chin. Her black hair was tied up in two messy pigtails; she wore black fingerless gloves, a black sleeveless T-shirt emblazoned with a small downward-pointing arrow, light-coloured cargo pants and black slip-on shoes.

This Jenny apparently fought in some kind of multi-species bare-handed gladiatorial tournament, coming across a particularly vicious and burly opponent on several occasions. After she won by shifting him to some dimension where she would have the advantage due to environmental reasons, the opponent wised up and showed up to the next fight wearing a “dimensional phase stabilizer harness” which prevented Jenny from shifting him to another dimension to win the fight. Jenny replied by levelly pointing out that this didn't prevent her from using her powers to summon other things to the pit. She srtarted by summoning scuba gear onto herself (to her opponent's bafflement), shortly followed by summoning a huge quantity of water to turn the pit into a deep pool. She then swam effortlessly to the surface, where the crowd chanted her name, while the other fighter, being so heavy, was still floundering near the bottom, leaving her as the winner. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Took My Breath Away)

With Red Max and the Man With No Name[]

Jenny Everywhere in The Legend of Jenny Everywhere

This incarnation of Jenny in Dimension 331. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

One incarnation of Jenny wore a black tank top, a long flaxen-yellow overcoat, blue jeans, a light yellow scarf, and unobtrusive gunmetal-grey goggles. She had red hair in a pixie cut and a Caucasian-passing skin tone, but she wasactually of Native American descent. She seemed to be used to actively communicating with her other selves, trading information with them, rather than merely tapping into their memories. She once stated that she had “once kissed a girl”, but didn't identify as a lesbian. This Jenny was acquainted with another, roguish interdimensional traveller, known simply as the Man With No Name. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Train robbery[]

Jenny Everywhere in Rail Shift

Jenny on the train. (COMIC: Rail Shift)

Jenny once spent some time travelling in what appeared to be 19th century America in one universe. On one occasion, while she was travelling by train, calmly reading her newspaper, the train got held up by a gang of masked robbers. When one tried to hold her at gunpoint, she replaced his gun with a banana before kicking him back against the window of her compartment, knocking him out. She exited and burst in on the next wagon, where she founder the leader of the gang. He tried to shoot at her, but she replaced each bullet with a flower as it came. The rogue escaped onto the next wagon and unhooked the wagon he was on, still connected to the engine, from the one Jenny was standing on, hoping to lose her. However, she managed to hop over the gap to continue chasing him. After a brief scuffle, she finally got a hold of the robber for long enough to shift him along, through the Infinite and directly into a jail cell where she left him before returning to the train. Later, similar events seemed set to repeat as Jenny travelled on a riverboat only for it to get attacked by some other robbers. (COMIC: Rail Shift)

Meeting Red Max[]

Jenny photograph in The Legend of Jenny Everywhere

Dimension 331's British Department of Anarchy kept files on Jenny, including a photograph of this incarnation. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Six months before the Brotherhood of Multiversal Oneness affair, Red Max, an eccentric “government-sponsored terrorist” from Dimension 331, was told about Jenny by his overseer at the Department of Anarchy and instructed to get close to her on false pretenses in order to weasel out the technological secrets which, as an interdimensional traveller, she was sure to old. She and her fellow shifter the Man With No Name subsequently crossed paths at least once, parting on overall friendly terms, but with Jenny keeping an impression of Max as a “troublemaker”. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Parallel bleed syndrome[]

About a month later, Jenny hung out at the Pier's End Bar in Brighton in Dimension 577 with a fellow dimensional traveller, the Man With No Name. She had had a bad night, unable to get any sleep due to experiences of a group of her other selves, who were “having an orgy or something”, bleeding through against her will, keeping her conscious mind awake. The Man With No Name recognised this as parallel bleed syndrome, noting that he'd experienced it himself in the past and offering his sympathy. They shared a weary toast. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Agains the Brotherhood of Multiversal Oneness[]

Five months after Brighton, Jenny heard from some of her other selves that agents of Chaos had been spotted in Dimension 331. She shifted there and set a date for the Man With No Name in a bar in New York, hoping his dimension gun would be of use. After they'd caught up, they agreed to meet more formally at seven at a nearby church. In the meantime, Jenny took the opportunity to catch up with Red Max, whom the Man With No Name had brought up in conversation; they shared a bit of banter without any important information being traded before she headed to the church. There, she found that, after attending the service, the Man With No Name had been attacked by an assassin with a curious tattoo on his forehead, armed with a “samurai sword” that could slice through anything in this reality (but, fortunately, not through an extradimensional item like the Man's gun). Looking over the body, she confirmed it wasn't an agent of Chaos at all, realising something “far more sinister” was at play.

Man With No Name, Jenny Everywhere, Red Max in The Legend of Jenny Everywhere P2

Jenny, Red Max and the Man With No Name break into the Brotherhood of Multiversal Oneness's Chernobyl facility. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Following the assassin's dimensional trail led Jenny and the Man, joined at Jenny's insistence by Red Max, to Chernobyl in Dimension 672's Ukraine. The trio soon reached a locked metal door. Before Max could use his explosives to get through, Jenny shifted to another universe where the building was an ice-cream-cone factory and the door was therefore unlocked and unguarded; walking through, she then shifted back to Dimension 672, and opened it from the inside to the two men's confusion — even offering them complimentary ice cream cones. As they found some computer terminals, Jenny instructed Max to “do his fine stuff”. Max indeed found data on the villains' plans, which mentioned New York, an island, and “a lure”. Looking out the window into the courtyard to find five warriors with the same tattoos as the New York assassin standing in front of them, they belatedly realised they had walked into a trap. A battle broke out, but the Man and Max's efforts soon proved of little importance when Jenny enters the field and, one by one, shifted the attackers away with a single touch, sending them off to a WWI battlefield.

Jenny Everywhere captured by the Brotherhood of Universal Oneness

Jenny is captured by the Brotherhood. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

The Man retrieved the D-Jump device used by the assassins, which was still keyed to their home base, and made his way there through the portal the device creates. He was mildly put out when he found Jenny and Max already waiting for him, having simply shifted there. The location, at any rate, turned out to be an island in the South Pacific — where they were immediately surrounded by forces of the organisation at fault in all of this: the Brotherhood of Multiversal Oneness. Before long, the prisoners were brought inside the Brotherhood's fortress and Jenny cuffed to a pillar in the middle of their courtyard. The Grandmaster of the Brotherhood, Awndisk, explained that their intent was to abuse Jenny's powers to fold all parallel universes into one, thereby merging with all their parallel selves; they thought this would be the path to enlightenment.

Awndisk, however, had underestimated the crazy-preparedness of Red Max, who had a C4 detonator concealed under one of his fingernails and a tranquiliser dart in his shirt collar, among other things. With Awndisk having stated that he needed Jenny conscious and rational for his plan to unfold, the Man retrieved the tranquiliser dart and managed to shoot it at Jenny, knocking her out, while Max activates the explosives on the beach thanks to his detonator, creating a distraction. Jenny's consciousness found herself in a “place between one world and the next” where she was greeted by her long-dead Grandfather in full Native regalia, who gave her words of wisdom on her significance in the balance of reality, claiming that she was “chosen” by the Great Spirit to preserve the balance of existence. She returned to the real world supernaturally empowered with a bow made of energy, with which she shot all the members of the Brotherhood one by one with the effect of making them “one with the Multiverse”.

After she was done, the extra powers faded, and she decided to go for a beer with the Man and Max. They did so at a pub in Edinburgh back in Dimension 331, relaxing and trading stories. Max was the first to leave, intent on giving over some of the Brotherhood's tech to his superiors in substitute to Jenny's secrets. After a little more banter, it was Jenny and the Man who parted ways, promising they'd meet again one of these days. (COMIC: The Legend of Jenny Everywhere)

Later travels[]

Jenny Everywhere in Jenny Everywhere's Rules

Jenny has an ill-advised drink. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere's Rules)

On one occasion, this Jenny found herself casually traversing a countryside in one universe and sneaking into a farm's milking room for a refreshing dream. She was dismayed to realise that she had done something quite offensive — and failed to follow one of her own rules — as this was actually a world inhabited by sapient, bipedal cows, with the originators of the very milk she'd drunk turning out to have been standing right behind her, looking quite judgmental. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere's Rules)

In another universe, she once inadvertently shifted back to the Northern Hemisphere directly from Australia without adjusting her position, resulting in her materialising upside-down over the Man With No Name's table, startling her old friend. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Rules 2)

Jenny Everywhere in Betrayal of Brothers

Jenny having toast and lemonade at a seedy bar on a war-torn colony-planet. (COMIC: Betrayal of Brothers)

She once visited a far-future human colony-planet in one universe. There, she met a mysterious old vigilante who told her about the planet's bloody history and the precarious peace that now existed, and which he spent his life maintaining. Later, hanging out at a bar, she happened to bump into Billy and Trent, who presented themselves as a survivor which had been attacked by the Kievs in a sudden and unprovocated breach of the peace. From what the Old Man had told her, Jenny realised that Billy had actually tricked the Kievs into attacking for his own purposes. He reacted with unexpected violence, shooting Trent despite Jenny's pleas otherwise, only for the old man Jenny had met to catch up with him and hang him. Jenny was saddened by this sequence of events and shifted away from this world. (COMIC: Betrayal of Brothers)


Jenny Everywhere in Jenny Everywhere's Rules of the Multiverse 3

The post-retcon Jenny. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere's Rules of the Multiverse #3)

At some point, Jenny underwent an incomplete retcon alongside Red Max and the Man With No Name, altering their appearances. The “new” Jenny had much darker skin, had black hair, and she wore a dark green parka instead of a long yellow trenchcoat. The retcon did not automatically transform the trio's passport photos, however, which once caused them some trouble. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere's Rules of the Multiverse #3)

Child of the Nexus[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Jenny Everywhere and the Dark Bishop)

One incarnation of Jenny, who stated that she was not actually human (although she looked like it), was a Child of the Nexus, one of a small number of beings born across the Multiverse with shifting powers and tasked with guarding its structural integrity, managing such things as rifts between worlds. This Jenny believed herself to be unique, having no knowledge of or contact with her other selves. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere and the Dark Bishop)

Getting Jane Austen's autograph[]

Jenny Everywhere in Craig Oxbrow comic story

Jenny Everywhere enjoying an unexpected adventure. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere)

One incarnation of Jenny had the standard physical appearance, but a somewhat unusual outfit; she lacked a scarf, and wore a black leather jacket over a simple white dress or tunic going down to her ankles alongside blue sneakers. This Jenny once decided on a whim to try and get Jane Austen's autograph. However, she predictably got dragged into an insane adventure instead, ending up running from robot Napoleonic soldiers in a parallel universe. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere)

Jennifer Evers-Werth[]

One version of Jenny was born under the name of Jennifer Evers-Werth. She looked very similar to another Jenny but was white instead of mixed-race liker her; indeed, her skin was extremely pale, with, combined with her goth dark clothing (a sweater and bell bottoms), meant that her “mop” of purple hair and her purple lipstick seemed to be the only bits of colour on her. This Jenny had a good control and awareness of her shifting powers, although she claimed that she was unable to use the latter to teleport within a single universe, at least not without straining oneself to lethal extents, and believed that the same was true of most other Jennies. Like many other Jennies', one of her parents disappeared at a young age in mysterious circumstances.

This Jenny visited another universe than her own when she learned that its native Jenny was beginnign to come into her power as a shifter, and invited herself to a party the younger Jenny was going to attend with one of her friends. There, she lightly flirted with Amber's crush Jess, catching the other Jenny's attention in a roundabout way. She then took her aside and began to explain their shared nature to her, shifting her to a peaceful field in another universe for better privacy, and then walking her through the process of shifting back home under her own powers and taking the older Jenny along. The younger Jenny asked her about her adventures, but she declined to tell her anything about them, telling her she needed to make her own way. (PROSE: Past Prologue)

Jennifer Evers[]

Jenny Everywhere in Past Prologue

Jenny as she appeared after acquiring her scarf and goggles. (PROSE: Past Prologue)

One universe's version of Jenny was also born as “Jennifer Evers-Werth”, but dropped the hyphenation after her mother disappeared in mysterious circumstances. This Jenny was of mixed race, with Asian, black and white ancestry. She was five feet and two inches tall. Her friend Amber Bunn criticised her for never dressing for the weather, eventually leading to Amber giving her scarf, a white one with red stripes at either end, on the very same day she bought her dark metal goggles.

Having acquired these items, Jenny began experiencing her first shifts as she made her way to a party with Amber — at first, mere visions, with her mind briefly swapping places with other Jennies' even as her body stayed firmly in place. At the party, she met a woman strikingly similar to herself who turned out to be another Jenny Everywhere. The other Jenny began explaining their shared nature and powers, shifting her to a peaceful field in another universe for better privacy, and then walking her through the process of shifting back home under her own powers and taking the older Jenny along. The younger Jenny asked her about her adventures, but she declined to tell her anything about them, telling her she needed to make her own way. (PROSE: Past Prologue)

At a flea market[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Question Duck)
Jenny Everywhere in Question Duck 059

Jenny at the flea market. (COMIC: Question Duck 059)

One short-haired Asian Jenny wore the usual scarf and goggles and carried a satchel covered with stamps. She once visited a flea market in the home universe of Question Duck. She ended up buying a new scarf at a stall where the waterfowl's human companion also bought it another, duck-sized scarf. (COMIC: Question Duck 059)

With Professor Wulfe[]

One universe's incarnation of Jenny was the friend and student of the eccentric inventor Professor Wulfe. More physically adventurous, but also more grounded, than the Professor, Jenny went on adventures with him acting as tech support from his airship, communicating with her via her iWatch. (PROSE: Old Foundations)

Jenny once tried to take pictures of a castle occupied by a military enemy of some kind. She dropped down from the airship in a hang glider, but couldn't close enough, forcing her to land. She asked Wulfe for a distraction, and he delivered a hundredfold, uncloaking his airship altogether. (PROSE: Falling Short) Cursing his recklessness, Jenny made her way through the bushes towards the Castle. She was confident in her ability to scale whatever wall she ended up facing, suggesting an aptitude for climbing. (PROSE: Old Foundations)


At some point, one version of Jenny returned to her childhood home for the first time in “centuries” and was overcome with bittersweet nostalgia about her mother and about her sister, the one who would one day become Jenny Nowhere. (PROSE: Memories of Nowhere)

Meeting Del and Mer[]

Jenny Everywhere in Lightning Made of Owls

Jenny greets Delkin and Meridien. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Lightning Made of Owls)

One Jenny travelled not under her own power, but using a somewhat dodgy shifting device. She had the standard “Asian young woman” look, and woreg a red shot-sleeved T-shirt, a gray woolen scarf, a green backpack and goggles, and blue trousers and shoes. Her device once broke, requiring repairs. She bought replacement parts for 20 cents, and managed to shift to a universe where, coincidentally, friends Delkin and Meridien had been arguing about the possibility of the existence of travellers from parallel universes.

Jenny Everywhere transformed in Jenny Everywhere in Lightning Made of Owls

Jenny bemused by her change in appearance — and by Del's pun about its cause. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Lightning Made of Owls)

Shortly after she'd materialised in Del and Mer's world, however, Jenny's device malfunctioned and caused the three of them to change appearances; Jenny, for one, was now thinner and wearing a dark maroon coat as well as a dark orange scarf. Reflecting on the situation, Del joked that changes were only to be expected when dealing with a “pair-o-dimes shift”. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere in Lightning Made of Owls)

Adventurous art student[]

Jenny Everywhere in Mitigating Circumstances

Jenny pleading with Professor Alexander for an extension. (VIDEO: Mitigating Circumstances)

One incarnation of Jenny Everywhere started having crazy adventures even before she could shift for herself. Attending college as an art student, she constantly found herself getting distracted by her various adventures (on which she was sometimes assisted by another student, Langley). forcing her to ask for ever more extensions to the deadlines of the various essays she had due to her teachers like Professor Alexander, who remained unaware of the exact nature of the emergencies that kept her away from her work — such as a swordfight with Jenny Nowhere or a chess match with Death. (VIDEO: Mitigating Circumstances)

Proving herself to Laura[]

In one universe, Jenny had long told her potential love interest that she could shift, but the latter had never believed her. She finally proved she had been telling the truth by taking her friend along with her on a trip to another universe. After a moment of confusion, she was delighted and laughed with Jenny. (PROSE: Somewhere)

Family life[]

In one universe, Jenny Everywhere and “her love” founded a family. They had at least two daughters. Jenny once played tag with the youngest, running through the trees, fondly looked upon by her spouse, who thought this behaviour a bit childish, if charming. (PROSE: Somewhere)

A broken heart[]

In one universe, Jenny lost her love to another woman. Jenny forced herself to be happy for her, despite her grief, as she watched the two kiss in the moonlight from afar. (PROSE: Somewhere)

Defeating Drake[]

In one universe, Jenny Everywhere was forced to bring down a version of her love interest who had become a world-threatening supervillain. This ended with the latter lying at Jenny's feet as the sky burned, with a shattered Jenny still wishing there had been another way. (PROSE: Somewhere)

Meeting Laura at a party[]

In one universe, Jenny had a social obligation to attend a dreary party. She soon caught sight of someone else in the crowd who “looked as uncomfortable as she was”. Though hit with a series of flashes of how her relationships with other versions of this person in other universes had gone (good and bad), Jenny decided to push it all aside, and ducked through the crowd to go and meet her, flashing her a charming smile. (PROSE: Somewhere)

With the Architect[]

At least one version of Jenny was acquainted with the Architect of the Strange and Wonderful House, who gave her an entire wing of the House restricted to her incarnations and those she invited in. She turned it into the Jenny Everywhere Museum, where versions of her stored various interesting items they acquired on their travels. Among more fantastical or historically-relevant artefacts, a lock of red hair was included. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: The Jenny Everywhere Museum)

As a Maid[]

One incarnation of Jenny applied to become a Maid of the Strange and Wonderful House after weighing the pros and cons at length. The elder Maid who interviewed her warned Jenny that the Maids were aware of her nature, and that other incarnations of her were known to the House already. She was skeptical of the prospect of inducting this Jenny as a Maid, fearing that her unique nature could become a burden as much as a blessing. Jenny, trying her best to charm the older woman, argued that she should leave the matter up to the House Herself. The elder Maid went over the duties and limitations of Staff again, including the fact that a Maid could never leave the House again and could only marry among the rest of Staff. After Jenny accepted these terms, the elder Maid reluctantly agreed to subject her to the Test. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: The Maids)

Guardian of the Ink Wells[]

Also known by the nickname “Inkstain”, (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: Teleporting Beach) the Guardian of the Ink Wells of the Strange and Wonderful House was a teenaged girl wearing robes and a pair of aviator goggles. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: The Guardian of the Ink Wells) She was fairly short, and she sported a mane of long brown hair and “tell-tale smudges of ink and nail-polish” covering her arms and legs. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: Teleporting Beach) As Guardian of the Ink Wells, she kept watch over a room locked behind a gate whose bars were giant, golden pens, whose cement floor held circular wells filled with all the inks and paints imaginable.

When Oliver, an artist and resident of the House, visited the Ink Wells to replenish his stock of ink, she initially kept the lights off and asked him what he wanted in an ominous voice, before playfully revealing her true, unthreatening appearance and letting him take what he needed. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: The Guardian of the Ink Wells)

At some point, she wrote a “report” on the portal which existed between the backyard and the Beach. Later, at a point when she was apparently “newly-returned” to the House, she agreed to take a trip there with her red-haired friend “Treefrog”. Already wearing neon-coloured bathing suits, the two made their way through the Gardens and past the giant tree until they found the backyard and were teleported to the beach. There, immediately jumping into the almost-glowing blue, breathable water, they spent an hour having fun before resurfacing them. Accidentally discovering another, hitherto-undocumented portal, they suddenly found themselves transported, cold and dripping, to the middle of the Library, (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: Teleporting Beach) where they were quickly reprimanded by the Librarian. Recognising the Guardian, the Librarian addressed her as “Inkstain”, forcing an annoyed Guardian to insist to Treefrog that it wasn't her real name in the face of Treefrog being all too glad to have a less grandiloquent name than “Guardian” by which to address her friend. This naturally angered the noise-hating Librarian further and she “roared in a whisper” for the girls to be silent. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: There is No Dripping in the Library)

At the Fall of the Strange and Wonderful House[]

One version of Jenny returned to the Strange and Wonderful House on the day of its Fall. Though she actually hadn't been to the House in ages, but found that she would somehow still miss it. She had returned to the House just before its fall to retrieve something: a House seed.

Jenny and a Dragon were the last to leave, and watched forlornly as a bolt of lightning shot down from the “lead-coloured sky” and struck the House. A blue fire consumed the vast bulk of the House within moments, leaving nothing but ruins which crumbled into the Tarn. After a long moment of silence, the Dragon declared: “So it goes. All things must have their time”, before asking Jenny if she “ha[s] taken everything [she] need[s]”. She showed the Dragon the House seed before pocketing it, and, with no further ceremony, the two walked off elsewhere, leaving behind the silent shores of the Tarn. (PROSE: Our Strange and Wonderful House: The Fall of the Strange and Wonderful House)

Taking a literature exam[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere A (Preludes and Distractions)

In one universe, a version of Jenny aspired to become a physicist and an engineer and create a faster-than-light travel drive, but first had to get through her schooling first, including a particularly troublesome 19th-century French literature exam on The Three Musketeers, (PROSE: Preludes and Distractions) an event which, after the temporary collapse of the Multiverse, the “collapsed” Jenny remembered as part of her now-mundane past. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere) This Jenny was friends with a Laura Drake, to whom she unveiled her shifting abilities after getting drunk at a party. (PROSE: The First Voyage)

Trapped in the Oubliette[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (The Oubliette)

One version of Jenny who had fourth-wall awareness, but could not user her shifting powers to teleport within a single world, and needed time to prepare for any one shift between dimensions, was once trapped in the Oubliette with her companion Laura. She escaped by telepathically contacting her local incarnation in this universe, who’d lived around the time the villainous complex was built, and getting her to bribe the architect. (PROSE: The Oubliette, The Oubliette: Solution)

Bribing the architect[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (The Oubliette: Solution)

One universe’s native version of Jenny bribed the architect building a villainous complex into hiding a secret escape route within the supposedly inescapable cell known as the Oubliette, because she had been contacted across time by another incarnation of Jenny who would be trapped in the Oubliette in the future. (PROSE: The Oubliette: Solution)

The fifth musketeer[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere B (Preludes and Distractions

In one universe, a version of Jenny was the "fifth musketeer", alongside Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan. This Jenny was born to a merchant father in China, but ended up in France after a shipwreck of which she was the sole survivor. Disguising herself as a male, she joined the musketeers, and the five often fought with the villainous Cardinal Dracula. (PROSE: Preludes and Distractions) This version of Jenny later attended a meet-up of a handful of incarnations of Jenny at the Interdimensional Tavern, which also included an imp-like Jenny, a tall red-headed Jenny and the Jenny who'd previously adventured with Pythagoras-858. (PROSE: Multiversal Mischief)

Gunfight with the Cthulhu Kid[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Showdown in the End Times)

In one universe, a version of Jenny attempted to prevent the oncoming end of the universe by defeating the Cthulhu Kid in a gunfight. Although she managed to shoot the Cthulhu Kid, she was unable to stop the coming of the Old Ones; defiant, she stared them in the eye and stuck out her tongue. (PROSE: Showdown in the End Times)

Pondering her origins[]

In one universe, a young version of Jenny took an algebra class without being particularly invested in the material. She zoned off and had a telepathic conversation with a number of her other selves, asking them if any of them knew how they, the collective being of “Jenny Everywhere”, had come to be what they were. She was told that none of them knew for sure. (PROSE: Where Is Everywhere)

Chatting with Garsecg[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Writer's Block, Redux, Again)

A version of Jenny once had an interaction with Garsecg who was trying to write about her; while possibly starting as an imaginary conversation with the writer, by its end, Jenny had physically materialised in their room to talk them into better self-care. (PROSE: Writer's Block, Redux, Again)

Denying Death[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Memento Mori)

In unknown circumstances, one incarnation of Jenny faced Death who claimed that “it [was] too late”. Jenny simply answered “No”. (PROSE: Memento Mori)

Picnic in Rohanda[]

Jenny Everywhere in Openly Sauced in a Public Domain

Jenny at the picnic. (PROSE: Openly Sauced in a Public Domain)

One version of Jenny appeared as a thin, white-skinned girl with short, dark brown hair, small goggles, dark gray trousers, a black, long-sleeved shirt, a light green scarf, and dark red running shoes. This Jenny once had a picnic with Octobriana and Neeta on a sunny afternoon. Octobriana found the spot — a public park near a pond in Rohanda in one universe — while Neeta, who was also the driver, brought snacks and drinks. The three friends whiled the day away trading stories of their respective adventures; even after the sky became overcast, none were in a hurry to leave. (PROSE: Openly Sauced in a Public Domain)

Elaine's friend[]

Jenny Everywhere in Where the scarf is

Jenny shortly after she recovered her scarf from Elaine. (COMIC: Where the scarf is?)

One incarnation of Jenny, who wore a green, short-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, and a reddish-pink scarf, sometimes dropped by a city in her apparent home universe which was also home to her friend Elaine Spratt. Although Elaine did not travel through dimensions herself, she was aware of Jenny's travels. (COMIC: Where the scarf is?) This incarnation of Jenny once gave a public service announcements on demons, both real and metaphorical, in an unclear context which limited her available time. (COMIC: Demons PSA)

She once dropped by Elaine's for an afternoon, being prevented from staying any longer by her being invited to a birthday party in another dimension the next day. She gave Elaine her scarf to be washed and dried, which temporarily made her resemble Jenny Somewhere, although she soon returned to collect it. (COMIC: Where the scarf is?)

Facing Groff[]

Jenny Everywhere in Jenny vs

Jenny holding Groff at gunpoint. (COMIC: Jenny vs. Groff)

One Jenny, who wore blue trousers, a brown jacket and shirt, and a blue scarf, was hunted down in one universe by a bounty hunter called Groff. The two ended up holding each other at gunpoint on a suspended bridge overlooking a ravine. Groff was initially certain he had the advantage, but she shot his pistol out of his hand without saying a word. (COMIC: Jenny vs. Groff)

Mixed-race heritage[]

Jenny Everywhere 1 (Jenny Redhead)

A Jenny with dark skin and red hair. (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

One version of Jenny was born to parents who were, according to her, both mixed-race. She naturally had dark skin and bright red hair as a result, and wore blue overalls as well as a small, cravat-like green scarf. This version of Jenny once met up with two others who shared her unusual, “mixed” physical traits. (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

Dyed hair[]

Jenny Everywhere 2 (Jenny Redhead)

Another red-haired, dark-skinned Jenny for whom the look was a choice. (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

Another, taller version of Jenny with dark skin and red hair dyed her black hair red, instead. She wore a purple tank top, blue shoes and long cream-colored trousers. This version of Jenny once met up with two others who shared her unusual, “mixed” physical traits, during which occasion she noticed that something dimensionally-abnormal appeared to be happening to her right shoe. (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

Mixed-up outfit[]

Jenny Everywhere 3 (Jenny Redhead)

The silliest version of Jenny Everywhere? (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

A third version of Jenny with dark skin and red hair, the third and final guest to the aforementioned multi-Shifter event, wore a silly, “mixed-up” outfit that only nominally fit the commonalities of clothing shared by the vast majority of Shifters: she wore a scarf “around her neck” like a locket, on a necklace, and goggles “on her head” like some bizarre mask. Her bright costume, matched by her beaming smile, looked more like outrageous pajamas than anything else, including with fluffy pink slippers. (COMIC: Jenny Redhead)

Living with Laura[]

One universe's Jenny, who had a tendency to toss and turn in bed (hence giving, as she quipped, a double meaning to the nickname of “the Shifter”), was in a relationship with Laura. The two started living together, generally happily, although Laura couldn't quite get used to the aforementioned night-time shiftiness. (PROSE: Origin of the Shifter!)

Jenny Bainbridge[]

One universe's version of Jenny was a mixed-race British girl, born under the name of Jenny Bainbridge in Levendale City. This version of Jenny had no sexual interest in either gender. Her typical outfit consisted of an off-white blouse, a dark blue sweater, dark blue slacks, a bomber jacket, and of course her aviator goggles and scarf. (PROSE: The Genesis of Jenny Everywhere)


As an older teenager starting her A-levels at Levendale West Academy, she didn't yet know about herJenny's mother was a strict, driven woman who was determined for her teenaged daughter to succeed academically and tried to discourage her from her more whimsical habits to make her focus on her coursework better, to little success. She had a better relationship with her father, a football enthusiast who liked to take her out to games, and also shared her liking of toast.

At school, Jenny's only real friend was fourth-former Leelee Jones, with most of the girls in her year instead rallying under hyperfeminine bully Charlotte Mitchell to endlessly tease and belittle her. On one September morning, after getting into a fight with Charlotte alongside Leelee which was only broken up by Head of Maths Mr James, Jenny started to wish she could “just disappear” from her unfulfilling life — and soon discovered that she could. (PROSE: The Genesis of Jenny Everywhere)

With the Misfits of Mischief[]

Jenny Everywhere in Happy Jenny Everywhere Day!!

Jenny being wished a happy birthday in an unexpected ashion. (COMIC: Happy Jenny Everywhere Day!)

One incarnation of Jenny was friends with the Misfits of Mischief, (Bjorn Loki, Quinn Anansi and Monroe Coyote), a trio of merry shape-shifting, reality-hopping trickster demigods. The Misfits once shapeshifted into candles on top of a birthday cake to wish her a happy birthday, which she thought was quite sweet. (COMIC: Happy Jenny Everywhere Day!!)

Jenny had several meetings with the wacky, clownish demigods over the years, including once having to liberate the three of them from the strange, Western-themed nexus reality called Shelterville when they, inexplicably couldn't leave under their own power. (COMIC: Shelterville Shuffle)

Facing Caleb Ketchum[]

Jenny Everywhere (Truth Serum)

Jenny keeps a positive attitude when captured by her archnemeses. (COMIC: Truth Serum)

One version of Jenny was once captured by her archnemesis Jenny Nowhere and her new ally, the evil chemist Caleb Ketchum. She was tied to a chair and fed a truth serum of Ketchum's devising. The two villains then asked her “where the rabbi [was] hiding”; to the evildoers' disappointment, Jenny placidly answered that truth serum or not, she couldn't tell them, as she hadn't the faintest idea. (COMIC: Truth Serum)

At some later point, when she caught Jimmy Wherever feeling blue and humming song lyrics to himself about how much he missed her whenever she was away, she answered with lyrics from a different song, offering him the chance to come with her on her next trip. (COMIC: When She's Gone)

Back to school[]


Jenny reading a letter from a fan. (COMIC: Road to Nowhere)

One iteration of Jenny became a classmate to I.M. Hip's younger sister, U.R. Hip. She wore a green coat, a long tan shirt with a single brown stripe, grey pants, a red scarf and pink-tinted goggles. Jenny could "shift" both in shape (following a POOF onomatopoeia) and across dimensions (following a POP). For example, when a teacher asked Jenny to help in dissecting a frog, she once turned into a frog herself. (COMIC: Jenny Shows Off Here)

Jenny sparked the ire of villainous Mr Albany, who had a strong dislike for what Jenny described as "overachievers and oddballs", like herself and I.M. Hip. He tried to ask for her parents' phone number, which failed when she informed him she was her own parent. (COMIC: Albany Gets PWNed) This Jenny was somewhat narcissistic and certainly uninhibited, having been observed to kiss (COMIC: Mother Knows Best, Kinda) and even sleep with duplicates of herself. (COMIC: Ongoing Battle With Narcissism)

In an example of fourth wall-breaking, Jenny was constantly followed around by an asterisk which hovered next to her. The asterisk directed readers to her standard disclaimer on the bottom of the comic strip containing her adventures in this universe — but it was, in fact, visible to Jenny herself and other individuals. She once tried to hide from it, showing it was somehow sentient, though this failed when U.R. spotted her and said her name aloud. (COMIC: The Asterisk Knows)

Jenny Anywhere and Jenny Nowhere also appeared in this universe, but Jenny was unsure of exactly how the three of them were related. (COMIC: Ask The Jennys)

Her phone number in this universe was 867-5309. (COMIC: Jenny I Got Your Number)

Riding a Bugcycle[]

Jenny Everywhere (Jenny and a Bugcycle)

The ever-enthusiastic Jenny Everywhere. (COMIC: Jenny and a Bugcycle)

At some point, a version of Jenny, being always up for trying new things, tried to ride a “bugcycle” — which she assumed worked like a regular bicycle or motorbike, but was really a genuine giant bug, with the antennae being what she had taken for the handlebar and no easy way to “start” it. (COMIC: Jenny and a Bugcycle)

Stealing the Doctor's scarf[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Ace Rules OK!)

One version of Jenny, a fairly tall, white young woman with long reddish-brown hair, once travelled up and down the Doctor's timeline. She met the Fourth Doctor, nabbing his rainbow-coloured scarf, before bumping into the Seventh Doctor and Ace on an alien planet, quickly befriending the later. When the Doctor took her picture with Ace, she was wearing blue trousers, an off-white, short-sleeved shirt, and a green belt. (PROSE: Photo shoot) Later, Jenny, still wearing the rainbow scarf but having changed her outfit to brown trousers, cyan socks, white sneakers, and a cyan sweater, visited the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald. (PROSE: Ace Rules OK!)

Hanging out with Retro[]

Jenny Everywhere in The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere

Jenny shrugging at Retro's question. (COMIC: The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere)

In one universe, a version of Jenny who was skinny, with short-cropped brownish-red hair, green eyes, and pale skin, and wore a blue scarf was friends with the time-travelling android and noted comic fan, Retro. They once hung around in a large room, each in a comfortable green poofy chair, reading comics. After Retro read Jenny Everywhere: Secret Origins, a comic which purported to give Jenny's “true” origin story, he asked her if the story had really happened. Evasively, and seemingly confused by the question, Jenny shrugged and answered: “Eh, kinda”. (COMIC: The Secret Origin of Jenny Everywhere)

Mission Doppleganger[]

Jenny Everywhere in The New Mission

Jenny prepares to board the capsule to Doppleganger, with a smile on her face. (PROSE: The New Mission)

One universe's version of Jenny had shoulder-length brown hair. She wore pilot gear and a short cyan scarf. She was active during the Second World War; when a mysterious Earth-like planet, codenamed “Doppleganger”, drifted into the solar system, Jenny, Octobriana and Miss Victory were sent on a recon mission to the planet to discover whether there was any life there, racing to get there before the Germans. Neeta, who was working for the U.S. Space Force, was with them as they prepared to board the rocket. (PROSE: The New Mission)

With A.T.D.[]

Jenny Everywhere in Bras de Fer

Jenny prepares to tell the children a story. (COMIC: Bras de Fer)

One version of Jenny was a boxer and also did volunteer work for the organisation A.T.D.. She physically resembled the Right-On By The Sea Jenny. She wore a full 1920s aviator cap, not just the goggles, as well as a matching brown jacket and an oliver-green sweater. She often rode a motorcycle. She described herself as liking “to remember, to meet new people, to eat toast, to say 'No' to people, to drink guava juice, to read stories aloud, and to gaze at the flowing darkness of the night”. If she had shifting powers or an awareness of her other selves at all, she did not, at the very least, seem to make either an important part of how she lived her life.

Jenny often thought about 1930s boxer Johann Trollmann, who displayed great courage and defiance in the face of the Nazis. She thought of him as a kind of kindred spirit, her thoughts often dwelling on him when she was training herself. While holding a reading workshop with some poor children as part of her volunteer work with A.T.D., she once decided to tell them a softened version of Trollmann's story, both so that he would not be forgotten and in the hope that the children would grow up without prejudice against Romani people. (COMIC: Bras de Fer)

Travels with Rae[]

One incarnation of Jenny travelled the Multiverse alongside a group of friends including Rae, the Abstract of Luminance, as well as Ace, Ellison, Aitar and Krystal. Their “home base” was a vast spaceship of unclear nature and purpose. This Jenny was heavier set than the one who travelled with Odious. She wore a leather aviator jacket and a long black scarf over some everyday clothing. Her brunette hair was long and tied into a ponytail.

At some point, they were forcibly shifted to a mysterious complex where they were pitted against another team led by a different Jenny in a series of trials. After the other group beat them and got to exit back to their home through a portal, they realised they had no choice but to shift in a second team using the machinery present in the complex, and attempt to beat them. After summoning another Jenny's team and making their way through the trials, however, this Jenny decided to speak up once they reached the final room, explaining the situation to the other group as best she understood it. She proposed that they ignore the intended rules and simply decide between themselves which team would get to leave this time around.

With the other team letting them go, the grateful team made their way through the portal and back home, no closer to figuring out who had set up the complex and why. (GAME: The Jenny Everywhere Roleplaying Game)

Searching for Jordan[]

Main Jenny Everywhere in The Jenny Everywhere Roleplaying Game

Jenny standing in front of Odious. (GAME: The Jenny Everywhere Roleplaying Game)

One incarnation of Jenny, who was on the “lower end of the spectrum” in terms of potency and skill at shifting — though she still had full knowledge of her true nature and the ability to shift herself and others across dimensions —, was hort and athletic with up-sticky black hair, tan skin, large ears and a Grecian nose. She wore white-and-red sneakers, olive-green golf pants and a short-sleeved red T-shirt emblazoned with an “S” in white; her scarf was white with red stripes on each end, matching her goggles, which were silver with red lenses. She has a propensity to shout random words during fights to invigorate herself.

This Jenny grew up as the adopted sister of versions of Julie and Jordan Jacobs. As they grew up, Julie, who was about the same as her, was the popular kid while Jenny remained an “oddity”, although this seemed to suit her. Jenny made Julie aware of her interdimensional powers, and, after Jordan was kidnapped by an unknown party, Julie persuaded Jenny to let her come with on her quest to get Jordan back. Three years into this quest, however, they had made little progress. They travelled with a Michael Wherever, the Chosen, Lol and even the Abstract Odious, of Misfortune, who was trying to turn over a new leaf.

While camping together in one universe, the group were abducted to a mysterious facility where they were made to compete and fight with yet another Jenny's team, which included another Abstract, Rae of Luminance. They eventually made it back to their camp, but never figured out who had set up the facility and why, nor the endless cycle of one team fighting another, each forced to teleport in a newer team to get a chance to go home. (GAME: The Jenny Everywhere Roleplaying Game)

Band shirt Jenny[]

One incarnation of Jenny was black with curly black hair. She wore a leather jacket with a green scarf, green goggles over her eyes, blue jeans, and a tank-top promoting a rock band, matching the shirt of the version of Michael Wherever with whom she travelled. In addition to Michael, she also travelled in the company of Richard, ShatterScreen, Delta 22-6 and Silence. Their group, while using an empty warehouse as a base of operations, was forcibly teleported to the testing complex where they had to compete with the team of the Jenny who travelled with Odious. Some way into the trials, however, the older team managed to convince the band shirt Jenny's team that they meant them no harm, and got them to instead sit with them and discuss which would concede to the other for the portal. (GAME: The Jenny Everywhere Roleplaying Game)

In Doctor Fullham's universe[]


Wintle's “initial” sketch of the fictional Jenny. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)

In a universe where the SCP Foundation existed and employed a Doctor Fullham, Jenny Everywhere was a fictional character. She was reportedl “created” in 2002 by Canadian artist Steven Wintle on a forum called Barbelith, whose name was taken from the comic series The Invisibles. The SCP Foundation later encountered multiple flesh-and-blood incarnations of Jenny, who matched Wintle's conception. Baffled, they recorded Jenny in their database of anomalies as “SCP-JEv”, working under the assumption that they were dealing with a fictional character who had begun manifesting in the physical world. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)


One version of Jenny who had advanced Fourth Wall Awareness, thinking of herself as travelling between “stories”, was once asked by someone in one universe to recover information which had ceased to exist in that universe. Jenny shifted to another universe in 2005 to get the information she needed from the SCP Foundation's database, using the login of a missing agent which had spontaneously appeared in her subconscious without her finding out anything else about the agent. She was apprehended by SCP security personnal and interrogated by Doctor Fullham. Realising that Jenny was somehow a flesh-and-blood version of the fictional character in whose form Jenny natively existed in this world, the Foundation logged Jenny as an “anomaly” in their database under the name SCP-JEv. Fullham's interview did not yield much information that was useful to the Foundation, and ended with Jenny casually dematerialising out of the Foundation's grasp. (PROSE: SCP-JEv)

Helping Rose[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Shifting)

One incarnation of Jenny, who appeared Native American, had short hair which she seemed to have cut herself somewhat haphazardly, and had deep amber eyes betraying her mental age (despite her youthful appearance), wore a well-worn leather jacket, blue jeans, and a “sturdy” pair of boots, as well as a battered backpack slung over one shoulder.

Deeming that it “would be better for everyone” if one universe's version of the Doctor were to resume her adventures with Rose Tyler, she travelled to Pete's World, found Rose, and shifted her into the control room of the TARDIS. She briefly interacted with the Doctor before leaving the two women to their reunion, walking out of the ship through the wall (something which should have bee impossible). (PROSE: Shifting)

Mentioned by Doctor Sigma[]

Jenny Everywhere in The Beginner's Guide to Multiversal Theory

Jenny passing through the Infinite. (COMIC: The Beginner's Guide to Multiversal Theory)

A version of Jenny was seen shifting through the Infinite as an example used by Doctor Sigma during a talk on common methods of Multiversal travel. She had blue hair and very light skin, and wore goggles with green lenses, a brown jacket, denim pants, red-and-white shoes and a blue scarf. (COMIC: The Beginner's Guide to Multiversal Theory)

Summoning Lord Grallyx[]

In one universe, Jenny Everywhere and Laura Drake were students together. This Jenny seemed either not to know about her multi-dimensional yet, or else to have elected not to tell Laura.

Desperate to pass her history exams, Laura found a book of demonology and roped Jenny into helping her summon a Demon, Lord Grallyx, so that Laura could make a deal with him. Partway throught the summoning chant, however, this young and inexperienced Jenny's mind was temporarily switched out with that of a more mature Jenny, who then took care of Lord Grallyx after the demon predictably wriggled out of Laura's control and threatened to wreak havoc. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

The older Jenny ultimately returned to her own body, (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Meets The Crew Of The Copper-Colored Cupids) albeit not before helping Laura study for her exams non-magically. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell) Jenny and and Laura both graduated and remained best friends. Jenny notably helped Laura get a job at the Altern Corporation. At some point, she revealed her shifting powers to Laura, taking her to a seaside town in another universe.

This Jenny was among the ones who simultaneously disappeared from the Multiverse one day without explanation (as Jenny regenerated her mental and physical shifting powers in a secret realm beyond Time). As she had previously always warned Laura before she left on long journeys, Laura panicked and tried to find her, travelling out into the Multiverse by herself using a portal she built for the occasion using “borrowed” Altern equipment. Eventually, all the Jennies returned to reality of their own accord. (PROSE: The Disappearance of Jenny Everywhere)


One universe's Jenny was an Indiana-Jones-esque adventurer-archeologist. Beyond the obligatory scarf and goggle, she wore “a light-tan jacket, khaki pants, and a pith helmet”. While attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, such that Jenny was now assailing the Tomb of Grallyx. However, this situation was short-lived, with the intruding Jenny shifting herself and Grallyx off to a new universe when this failed to give Jenny an edge. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Lieutenant in the Second Interstellar Space Force[]

One universe's Jenny had a long career in the Second Interstellar Space Force, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and earning many medals over the span of several galactic wars. When on missions, she wore the standard-issue orange space-suit of the Interstellar Space Force.

While attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, such that Jenny was now trying to seal a cosmic singularity called GRALL-X. However, this situation was short-lived, with the intruding Jenny shifting herself and Grallyx off to a new universe when this failed to give Jenny an edge. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Fairy-tale princess[]

One Jenny grew up in a cartoon fairy-tale world, the Princess of a small kingdom. Her parents were killed when she was a baby by poisoned fruit, and her wicked stepmother handled her education. As a young adult, Princess Jenny fell in love, but her stepmother barred her way to marrying her beloved. Desperate, she contemplated making a deal with a very dramatic villain who lived in an evil lair some way outside the borders of the kingdom.

While attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, making him the villain the Princess was about to sign a contract with. However, this situation was short-lived, with the intruding Jenny shifting herself and Grallyx off to a new universe when this failed to give Jenny an edge. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

High-schooler in the 1980s[]

In one world, Jenny attended high school in a stereotypical 1980s school, alongside versions of Jimmy Wherever and Jimmy Anytime. While attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny briefly shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, temporarily turning him into another, badly-behaved classmate of Jenny's. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Sheriff Jenny Everywhere[]

In one world, Jenny was the sheriff of a Wild West town. When, while attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny briefly shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, the Sheriff Jenny found herself preparing for a duel with Grallyx. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

World-class chess player[]

One dimension's Jenny played chess on a world class. When, while attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny briefly shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, Grallyx turned into a Chess Grandmaster whom Jenny had to play for the sake of her soul. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Knight of the Realm[]

One fantasy universe's Jenny was a “Knight of the Realm”. She was a courageous swordswoman and rode a “loyal steed”. On the other hand, she apparently had some sort of falling out with the Queen she served, literally tossing her aside before she rode into the cave of the Dragon she was assailing.

While attempting to find a universe where she could defeat Lord Grallyx, another Jenny briefly shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, temporarily making Grallyx the Dragon Jenny was fighting. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Fruit Pies advertiser[]

In one universe, which, being “four-colored and covered in Ben Day dots”, appeared to be the kind of universe presented inside cheap comic advertisements, Jenny was the regular saviour of children playing in a park from various evils. Although seemingly threatening, these threats could always be defeated by the presentation of Stewardess® Fruit Pie. When another Jenny briefly shifted into this one's body and also shifted Grallyx into the fabric of her universe, this proved to work even on Grallyx, albeit not permanently. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Lord of Hell)

Giant Robot Jenny[]

The incarnation of Jenny who travelled with Pythagoras-858 mentioned the existence of a “Giant Robot Jenny” in Dimension-JK1287BU to Wendy VII when explaining her nature as “the Shifter” to Wendy. (PROSE: The Grand Multiverse Hotel) In a universe where large amounts of media about Jenny Everywhere were created between 2001 and 3001, by 3001, Jenny Evans was aware of there having been at least one “Giant Robot Jenny” in these stories. (PROSE: This Might Happen Someday)

Tricked by Shoebill[]

One incarnation of Jenny who had red hair, “more legs than sense”, and wore a polka-dotted scarf once needed to buy a contrafibulator. She bought one from Sylvester Shoebill, not yet realising that it was faulty and that Shoebill had charged her twice the market price. Three years later, Jenny got her revenge on Shoebill in another incarnation. (PROSE: The Grand Multiverse Hotel)

The tall red-haired Jenny attended a “Jenny meet-up” in the Interdimensional Tavern, also attended by the aforementioned other Jenny, the “Musketeer” Jenny, and an imp-like Jenny — as well as by an impostor, “the Fishter”. She still appeared to feel bad about the contrafibulator incident by then, as she asked the Fishter if she knew how to tell a working contrafibulator from a faulty one. (PROSE: Multiversal Mischief)

Tarsa's wife[]

“Millions of years” before 2020, at least from Madame Tarsa's perspective, an incarnation of Jenny was happily married with Tarsa. However, she eventually died. Tarsa did not consider herself the spouse of any other Jenny, but specifically of the one who had died, although she remained friends with other incarnations of Jenny when she encountered them down the aeons. (PROSE: The Time of the Toymaker)

Intergalactic diplomacy mission[]

One universe's version of Jenny was once forced to go on an intergalactic diplomacy mission on short notice, scuppering her plans to spend Christmas with her sister, Julie. She ended up reaching out to another of her incarnations to fill in for her. (PROSE: The Winter Quests)

Adventures with the Cupids[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (38167th Universe)

The version of Jenny native to the 38167th Universe (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere and the Master of Monsters) wore a thick red scarf and green parka and had brown skin and eyes. She was fairly short. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere Meets The Crew Of The Copper-Colored Cupids, etc.)

Imp-like Jenny[]

Imp-like Jenny

The imp-like Jenny. (COMIC: Ask Jenny)

One incarnation of Jenny resembled an imp, with bat wings, orange skin, pointed ears, and small horns. She wore a long, striped blue sweater and a red scarf, and had her dark purple hair in a ponytail. She carried a rapier. (COMIC: Ask Jenny) On April the 1st, 2021, a Jenny matching her description attended a “Jenny meet-up” at the Interdimensional Tavern alongside the tall red-haired Jenny, the “musketeer” Jenny and the Jenny who'd previously travelled with Pythagoras-858. When the four real Jennies grilled an impostor with questions, exposing them as really not an incarnation of Jenny at all, the imp-Jenny's question was whether the alleged Fishter had any archfoes. (PROSE: Multiversal Mischief)

Geometron Jenny[]

Spheroid Jenny

Spheroid Geometron Jenny (GAME: Cupid Chaos: Remastered!)

The incarnation of Jenny native to the Euclidean Plane was a Geometron, more specifically a Spheroid. She lived in the forest outside the Geometrical Citadel. A human incarnation of Jenny visiting the Euclidean Plane once tapped into this Jenny's memories, confirming, for example, that snowy weather was not unusual in the Euclidean Plane. (PROSE: The Time of the Toymaker)

She appears in the game Cupid Chaos: Remastered!, as one of the Geometrons that the player may romanticize.

Half-angel half-demon Jenny Everywhere[]

A powerful version of Jenny Everywhere who was half-angel and half-demon was present in the Infinite when another version arrived, chased by her version of Nowhere. She used her powers to hold off Nowhere while other Jennies figured out a plan for dealing with her. After other Jennies decided to take turns distracting Nowhere to finally allow the initially-chased one to get some rest, the half-demon half-angel Jenny relaxed the barrier keeping Nowhere out and cradled the now-sleeping initial Jenny in her arms. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Magician Jenny Everywhere[]

A magician version of Jenny Everywhere was present in the Infinite when another version arrived, chased by her version of Nowhere. The magician Jenny seemed to possess both real magical abilities and a talent for misdirection. She first suggested using her powers to make Nowhere disappear or sawing her in half, but when those plans were rejected, she hit upon the idea of distracting Nowhere by having a great number of Jennies switch places with the one she was chasing, and agreed to go first. As Nowhere charged at her, she made Nowhere's clothes disappear in a puff of smoke, then reappear, before running off into the distance and letting Bunny Jenny take over. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Anime fox girl Jenny Everywhere[]

An “anime fox girl” version of Jenny Everywhere was present in the Infinite when another version arrived, chased by her version of Nowhere. Being “pan and poly” like the other Jennies surrounding her, and, assuming that any other Jennies would be too, she reacted with initial confusion at the thought that the other Jenny would be this upset at Nowhere simply wanting to have sex with her, but she agreed to help Jenny get some rest by distracting Nowhere alongside many other Jennies; when it was her “turn”, she wrapped her tail around Nowhere before running off, leaving her dazed. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Cyborg Jenny Everywhere[]

A cyborg version of Jenny Everywhere She was present in the Infinite when another version arrived, chased by her version of Nowhere. She spoke in a “robotic voice”. Like the “anime fox girl” Jenny, she was “pan and poly”, and, assuming that any other Jennies would be too, she reacted with initial confusion at the thought that the other Jenny would be this upset at Nowhere simply wanting to have sex with her. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Bunny Jenny[]

Bunny Jenny was a version of Jenny Everywhere who was a cute, flirtatious anthropomorphic rabbit. She was present in the Infinite when another version arrived, chased by her version of Nowhere and joined in the multi-Jenny effort to distract Nowhere so that the chased Jenny could get some rest, shaking her cottontail in Nowhere's face before hopping off, daring Nowhere to chase her. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Romanced by Nowhere[]

Jenny Everywhere in That Feeling When

The Shifter stunned as Nowhere makes her declaration. (COMIC: That Feeling When Your Antagonist Is Gay For You)

One incarnation of Jenny Everywhere, with the standard short black hair and brown skin, wore purple goggles, a purple jacket and scarf, and a purple flower-shaped hair-clip. The irises of her eyes were also purple, with golden pupils; there were numerous flower badges, with large golden cores and purple petals, adorning her scarf, jacket, and on her black trousers. She didn't wear any shoes.

This incarnation of Everywhere was shocked, but not necessarily displeased, when her corresponding incarnation of Jenny Nowhere declared herself passionately in love with her. (COMIC: That Feeling When Your Antagonist Is Gay For You) The two cautiously started dating, and became embroiled in an adventure together. At one point, Everywhere told Nowhere that they could get through “this” so long as Nowhere “didn't do anything”. Nowhere claimed she wasn't going to do anything, but blatantly appeared to be considering literally stabbing Everywhere in the back. (COMIC: Jenny Nowhere Dooming Herself To Be With Her Enemy.)

At some point, Nowhere used a mysterious machine to trap this Jenny in a universe where she couldn't use any of her shifting powers, or even remember anything about the other universes she'd visited in the past, though she did recall the existence of such universes. Also trapped were versions of Everywhere's parents from another universe, and the incarnations of Jimmy Wherever, Jenny Anywhere, Jenny Somewhere and Jimmy Anytime that these Jennies were familiar with.

After figuring out what had happened, Jenny was confronted by Nowhere, who once more tried to get her to "confess" that she loved Nowhere back. With Jenny refusing and all of her friends standing with her against Nowhere, the villainess admitted defeat and switched off the machine that cancelled the shifters' abilities, allowing them all to move on to new adventures. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Very Normal Story)

At some later point, Nowhere surprised Everywhere by trying to cover her bleached-white skin with make-up to look more like Everywhere. (COMIC: Jenny Nowhere Wearing Makeup To Look Like Jenny Everywhere) When Everywhere cosplayed as Earthworm Jim, Nowhere dressed up as Jim's nemesis Psy-Crow, with whom Jim was sometimes shipped; Everywhere was unimpressed and, staying in-character, told Nowhere to “eat dirt”. To her surprise, Nowhere seemed prepared to comply. (COMIC: Earthworm Jim And Psy-Crow Cosplay By Jenny Everywhere And Jenny Nowhere)

This Everywhere and her aforementioned corresponding Anywhere had a treehouse on Jupiter in one universe, the reason for which was allegedly a long story in itself. After discovering that all the Jimmy Anytimes and Jimmy Wherevers in the Multiverse had somehow lost their interdimensional connection, they met up in the treehouse to share notes, and came to the conclusion that this must be Nowhere's doing, with Nowhere having somehow turned Anytime's time-travel powers against him to cancel out the two Jimmies' existence (as interdimensional beings) altogether. Jenny Everywhere shifted herself and Anywhere to Nowhere's current location, where they discovered that she had managed to abduct the “original” Wherever and Anytime and regressed them to before Anytime realised he was not Jimmy Wherever. Anywhere managed to liberate them, however, and, after one of the two Jimmies attacked the other (outing himself as Anytime), she grabbed onto him and triggered his own time-travel powers to bring him and Wherever back in time to where they'd been taken from, fixing the timeline. Everywhere was left pondering what lengths Nowhere might go to next. (PROSE: Wherever at Anytime)

Jenny Nowhere once wrote a “fanfic” about herself and Jenny. In it, Nowhere lost her memories after being hit on the head with a mysterious glowing rock in the middle of a fight with Everywhere. Everywhere decided not to tell the amnesiac Nowhere that they were enemies, instead claiming that they were friends, and the two soon began kissing. (PROSE: Jenny Nowho?)

Everywhere's toaster was once “kidnapped” by Nowhere, who threatened to destroy the toaster by dropping it from a great height unless Everywhere complied with Nowhere's demands. When Jenny called her bluff, Nowhere went through with it, to Jenny's horror. (COMIC: Death of Jenny Everywhere's Toaster)

One one occasion, Jenny apparently sent Nowhere to Hell. However, she returned, surprising Jenny as the Shifter was “frolicking through a field of alien flowers” in one universe. They got to fighting, but after getting caught off-guard by her rival first punch, Nowhere started to spiral increasingly out of control as she loudly insisted that she wasn't getting weaker, only to keep taking hit after hit without putting up any effective defence.

A little while later, after a victorious Jenny has rejoined her friends — including versions of Jimmy Wherever, Michael Wherever and Kim — Nowhere walked up to her again, demanding a rematch and insisting she wouldn't lose so easily this time. However, in the face of Everywhere and her friends' casual skepticism about her ability to ever win against the other Everywhere, Nowhere went to pieces again, collapsing to the ground (and losing her skirt) from a single kick.

While a victorious Everywhere kissed Wherever and the friend group shifted to another universe to celebrate, Nowhere gathered her wits and hit upon the idea of allying with Jenny's ex Laura, who, having watched the fight from a distance, soon walked up to Nowhere to propose the same idea. The two of them travelled to Laura's laboratory, with Nowhere admiring what Laura had done with the place. Everywhere submitstedsurprisingly easily to Nowhere on their third encounter, and Nowhere brought her to Laura's lab as agreed. There, a disagreement soon broke out between the two villains when Nowhere made it clear that she'd want Jenny all to herself; Laura pulled out a steampunk gun she'd recently invented, but Jenny Everywhere kicked the gun, breaking it, before Laura could actually use it, revealing in the process that she had never been incapacitated and was just playing along to figure out what Nowhere was up to. They had yet another fight, with Jenny easily incapacitating both Laura and Nowhere. When Nowhere broke down crying, however, Everywhere helped her up, hugging her and comforting her; they even briefly kissed before Everywhere pulled away and skipped off, daring Nowhere to chase her.

Nowhere soon caught up to Everywhere and, in victorious glee, demanded that the other shifter agree to love her and only her. Jenny called her out on starting to sound evil and domineering again; at this point, Laura caught up with the two Jennies and, agreeing with Everywhere's judgment, pointed her repaired steampunk gun at Nowhere. Imitating Everywhere's earlier trick, Nowhere pretended to submit to Laura only to suddenly start struggling again, destroying the gun a second time. As Nowhere shouted at Laura in anger, however, Laura noticed that Nowhere's eyes had changed, becoming spirals. Nowhere's bravado gave out and she started to panic, asking Everywhere with feverish obsession if Everywhere would love her if Nowhere agreed to give up her evil ways. Though she didn't mean to harm Everywhere, her shaking Everywhere by the shoulders caused the other girl to hit her head against a rock and she fell unconscious.

Initially unsure of what to do, Nowhere dragged the unconscious Everywhere back to her home, and ultimately decided to take this opportunity to set up a date between them, tying Everywhere to a chair in her dining room and laying toast and tea on the table. After Everywhere explained that she could only love Nowhere if Nowhere renounced her evil ways, and demanded that Nowhere prove it by letting her go, Nowhere complied, untying Jenny, only for her to immediately shift away, telling Nowhere that she still didn't trust her.

After flipping the table, Nowhere followed Everywhere to the other universe, where, as they found themselves in the Naked Jungle, their powers adapted them both to their surroundings by making their clothes vanish, leaving them in their respective patterned underwear. After Everywhere tripped and hit her head again, Nowhere helped her up, but then demanded that they return to Nowhere's house to finish their “date”, once again dashing any illusion Everywhere might have developed that Nowhere was undergoing personal growth.

Nowhere shifted Everywhere back to her house and laid her out on the bed. With them both still in their underwear, she began to make out with Everywhere, but the other shifter shoved her off and tells her in no uncertain terms that her behaviour was only proving further that her “love” in no way made her a better person. She grabbed one of Nowhere's skirt and put it on before shifting away. Nowhere tried to follow her, though she realised that she forgot to get dressed again and had to waste time going back to her house again to grab another skirt.

As they chased each other shifting too fast and too clumsily, they “clipped through reality” and found themselves in the Backrooms, a “pocket reality between universes” where they were immediately menaced by a shadow-monster. They attempted to shift away together but only ended up on another level of the Backrooms, themed like a hospital corridor and teeming with yet more monsters. However, after another shift that took the two of them to a paradoxical space that is simultaneously indoors and outdoors, Everywhere managed to shift herself and Nowhere to the safety of an ordinary crowded street in an actual universe. There, they seemingly agreed to call it a day and part ways peacefully.

Some time later, however, Nowhere had returnd to stalking Everywhere. She took refuge in the Strange and Wonderful House where she was pursued by Nowhere whose eyes had once more turned into spirals. Everywhere tried to hide in a dark room, and, when Nowhere found her anyway, hit her over the head with a lamp before running out of the House. Still being chased by Nowhere, Jenny ran into the Infinite, with Nowhere hot her heels. She explained to her other selves that Nowhere had been chasing her for days and she was desperate to get some rest. A magician Jenny suggested a classic switcheroo, proposing that a number of Jennies from the Infinite take turns being chased by the focus Jenny's Nowhere. She volunteered to go first.

While the chased Jenny collapsed to the floor of the Infinite right there and then, falling asleep almost instantly, another Jenny who's been holding off Nowhere allowed her to fully enter the Infinite. The magician Jenny played around with Nowhere for a while, playing magical tricks on her, before “handing her over” to Bunny Jenny, and on and on. Nowhere, surrounded by Everywheres running literal rings around her, seemed to finally lose her mind completely to the “Nowhere Spiral”, her rational mind entirely consumed by her self-contradictory obsession with Jenny Everywhere. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere and the Nowhere Spiral)

Congratulating herself[]

Human Jenny in Johann-Octavius Gans's 2021 Jenny Everywhere Day comic

The human Jenny complimenting her other self's fashion choices. (COMIC: Untitled)

One incarnation of Jenny had the standard human appearance. She wore green sand-shoes, high yellow socks, safari shorts, a yellow scarf and a green crop-top; the lenses of her goggles were also green, and she even had green eyeliner. She had a mechanical-looking bracelet of uncertain function and carried a purple umbrella. This Jenny once received a visit from an underwater Jenny who looked like a hybrid between her and an octopus. The marine Jenny was also carrying an umbrella, albeit an octopus-themed one, which the human Jenny congratulated her on. (COMIC: Untitled)

Underwater Jenny[]

Undersea Jenny in Johann-Octavius Gans's 2021 Jenny Everywhere Day comic

The “undersea” Jenny meeting her other self. (COMIC: Untitled)

One incarnation of Jenny lived in the ocean. She was an “octopus-like” mermaid, with light purple tentacles in place of legs. The more humanoid top half of her body was still obviously non-human, with mud-brown skin, yellow eyes, and another set of tentacles in place of hair. However, she still wore a scarf and goggles, as well as what appeared to be a small green corset (which she wore like a crop-top as her only item of clothing outside of the scarf). She carried a large pink umbrella with tentacle motifs. This Jenny once poked out of a Rift into another universe to talk to a human incarnation of herself, who complimented her on her umbrella. The underwater Jenny was gratified by the compliment. (COMIC: Untitled)

Visiting the Heroines Guild[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Jenny Everywhere Visits the Heroines Guild)

One version of Jenny had “olive skin” and wore her hair in a pixie cut. On top of the obligatory goggles and scarf, she wore a Jem and the Holograms World Tour T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and pink combat boots, and she also carried a transdimensional mobile phone. This Jenny was a member of the interdimensional Heroines Guild, and somehow often seemed to get into adventures with more-or-less overt sexual overtones, usually related to bondage. (PROSE: Jenny Everywhere Visits the Heroines Guild, The Showdown, Downtime) While drunk, she once sent an erotic prose story about her own adventures to another world's Jenny, (PROSE: Downtime) who read it and discussed it with her roommate Kim, mock-bemoaning that some of her other selves were “having more fun” than she was. (PROSE: Fragment: Fanfic Critique)

Visiting the Paternoster Gang[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (The Two Jennys)

One version of Jenny was an acquaintance of the Doctor's who decided to seek out his friends. She stopped by 13 Paternoster Row where she met Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax and subsequently encountered the Doctor's daughter Jenny. (PROSE: The Two Jennys)

As a Crewmate[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Jenny Nowhere Is Sus, She's The Impostor!)
Jenny Everywhere as a Crewmate

Jenny Everywhere as a Crewmate. (COMIC: Jenny Nowhere Is Sus, She's The Impostor!)

In one universe, Jenny Everywhere was a Crewmate in a futuristic, spacesuit-wearing crew; her spacesuit was purple, with a flower motif. Also in the crew Jenny Somewhere and Jenny Nowhere. Unbeknownst to Everywhere and Somewhere, however, Nowhere was actually a murderous Impostor. After a body was found near some vents, the two real Crewmates began investigating, deducing that the Impostor must be someone from electric; however, returning to the scene of the crime, they seemed unaware that Nowhere was lurking in the shadows in person, dagger in hand. (COMIC: Jenny Nowhere Is Sus, She's The Impostor!)

Native to the Endless's cosmos[]

One version of Jenny Everywhere was native to the world of the Endless. Like all other native beings of this universe, she faced Death of the Endless upon dying. Another Jenny, who had a different physical appearance, later felt this Jenny's memories in the back of her mind when she met Death of the Endless, though she did not fully tap into them, wanting to make her acquaintance on her own. The native Jenny had found this Death to be likable, unlike most other Deaths in the Multiverse — a judgment with which the second Jenny came to agree. (PROSE: Psychopomp)

Helping Death of the Endless[]

At some point, a version of Jenny who had good control on her powers let herself shift at random and ended up in a universe that seemed dead and empty. However, she found one last survivor, Death, left to wait out eternity alone after reaping the last sentient being, Destiny. Though initially confusing this Death with a version of Jenny Nowhere (due to their shared fashion sense and eerie white skin), Jenny soon struck up a friendship with Death and convinced her not to simply sit around, nor seek to end her own existence, but rather to “retire” to do what she always really enjoyed: watching living beings and interacting with them. Taking Death with her as she shifted out of the dead universe in a flash of life, Jenny pledged to help Death become a Shifter in her own right. (PROSE: Psychopomp)

Brad Mason's friend[]

Jenny Everywhere in Grand Opening

Jenny in the park. (VIDEO: Grand Opening)

One version of Jenny was friends with Brad Mason as well as Jenny Anywhere in one universe. She appeared as a tall, thin, East Asian girl with short raven-black hair, wearing a bluish-grey, long-sleeved shirt, rust-coloured trousers seemingly made of silk, and red trainers.

One day, the two Jennies met up with Brad in the public park, and he told them of his disappointment at how the opening of his and his wife's Oasis Springs Nudist Resort had gone. The two Jennies were sorry to have missed it, having been out of town at the time, and followed him back to the Resort where they brainstormed ways to make the opening more successful. They decided to bring over all the friends they'd made on their interdimensional adventures, surprising the Masons the next day with dozens upon dozens of visitors from Batman to Willow Spicer. (VIDEO: Grand Opening)

On the Discworld[]

Jenny Everywhere in Pratfall

Jenny in the Desert. (PROSE: Pratfall)

A version of Jenny Everywhere with full control of her powers and awareness of her other selves existed on the Discworld, being native to the Agatean Empire. She had brown eyes and messy black hair which partially covered her eyes. She wore brown goggles with green lenses and a thick red scarf. Like every other living thing on the Disc, she had a Life-timer. It was large and ornate, made of gold-chased octiron with her name written in Agatean pictograms. She discovered that, by shifting more sand into the upper bulb of the Life-timer once she found herself facing Death in the Desert, she could make herself functionally immortal, extending her lifespans by a few decades whenever it ran out.

One such occasion occurred as she was fighting a giant scorpion to save some kids it was threatening. Death chided her for the “unfairness” of her ability to extend her lifespan indefinitely, which she brushed past. Instead, she noted that, since they kept seeing each other, it might be nice for them to try to properly be friends, extending an offer to Death to drop in on her on a purely social basis at some point, much to Death's confusion. After Death told her to hurry up and get back to the land of the living, as the scorpion was due to die in less than two minutes (suggesting she needed to come back there and defeat it), she shifted back to the mortal plane with a final “See you later!”. (PROSE: Pratfall)

With the League of Liberation[]

At some point before the collapse of the Multiverse, Jenny was part of the League of Liberation in the 1960s, together with Glendalf#With the League of Liberation, Octobriana, the Magician from mars, Ace Harlem, Butterfly, Trashman and Madam Fatal. The League was part of a wider secret organisation known as the Sixth International and opposed the Sixth Column, a villainous cult worshipping Stardust the Super-Wizard. This venture ended badly, however, with the tragic death of Trashman. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

In the Collapsed Cosmos[]

A new Cosmos[]

After the Multiverse collapsed for unknown reasons, Jenny Everywhere managed to recentre a relatively stable reality around her perspective, creating the Collapsed Cosmos. In this new universe, the singular “collapsed” Jenny temporarily forgot her true nature, believing that her dim childhood memories of having adventures across dimensions had simply been childish daydreams. She lived in an apartment with Laura Drake. Going out to the local library on a whim (so as to check out a book of Emily Dickinson poetry to use for divination purposes), Jenny heard a cryptic prophecy from a masked librarian. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

Adventure with Glendalf[]

She then fell victim to one of the accidents of reality which sometimes happened in the patchwork Collapsed Cosmos, particularly in libraries: unable to run out of the library quickly enough when the “chaos alarm” sounded, she found her life merging with elements of some of the books near her. Finding herself back at her apartment, she received a visit from the wizard Glendalf who had brought twelve Orcs in tow, intent on having an adventure with her. Upon being confronted with Glendalf, she began to remember herself, through flashes of various adventures she'd had with him before; Glendalf also fully remembered the old order of reality and tried to remind her of who she was supposed to be.

After spending the night at the apartment (from which, due to the instability of reality, Laura had vanished), they headed to Scotland in Glendalf's airship, having decided to rob the mansion of a bigoted billionaire who, in addition to a large fortune, held the Legendary Time Crystal in her vault. Jenny believed that the Crystal could be used to restore the Multiverse. However, although the plan initially went well, Jenny, having headed into the basement with Agrzaan Lurgpin and fought off an East India Company mobile drone cannon, found that the vault had already been emptied. The culprit was none other than Laura, who intended to use the Crystal for her own purposes, wanting to rebuild the Multiverse with a new order bowing to her own will. The two dueled, Jenny with her magical staff, Laura with her sword; due to the transcendental nature of their rivalry, this act caused the reality tainted by the book to flicker out and disappear. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

Visit to the Redoubt[]

Jenny awakened, as if from a dream, on a prehistoric Earth. She sealed herself inside a cave and put herself into a supernatural trance so as to “fast-forward” back to the heyday of mankind; finding herself unable to stop, she sped forward, further and further, until she reached the End of Time. There, she found Amelia Midnight, her mother, in a version who had become an Archon of the Redoubt. The two briefly argued, with Amelia criticising Jenny for trying to take her own meddlesome actions instead of coordinating with her and the other Archons in the quest to fix the Multiverse. They then went back into the City of Redoubt together aboard the Null-Train.

With Amelia called away on Archon business, Jenny visited a version of her sister Julie Jacobs who lived in the city. The two caught up briefly before Julie had to run to join her new partner on a date — this partner being none other than Death, to Jenny's discomfort.

Back in the 21st century[]

Tasked with house-sitting, Jenny found that the apartment in which she sat alone had become her own apartment, in the 21st-century, again. Looking through the books on her shelf, she pondered the nature of the crisis plaguing the Multiverse further. She headed to the convenience store, where she witnessed an unassuming-looking man briefly turning into a demonic being before getting himself under control, and a Grigori intervening.

Before going home, a despondent Jenny visited the park and sat down on a bench, bemoaning that she saw no obvious target for revolution, the way she would normally fix a broken cosmos. Typhaon, en entity who was simultaneously Chaos and the Fallen One, sat down next to her and began gloating and proposing to fight her climactically, but Jenny declined, noting that it “just [wasn't] the same” with reality being what it was. Surprisingly enough, the entity concurred and left, leaving Jenny to rouse herself and head home. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

In Faerie[]

Jenny decided to try to find Glendalf again, and reasoned that if he and the Orcs made it out of the billionaire's mansion, they probably followed up on their plan for a side-quest in Faerie. Using the power of an old English ballad rather than something more conspicuous to ARCHONET's sensors, she translated herself back to the eerie woodland of Faerie.

There, after walking for some time under a noonday sun partially blocked out by the foliage, she suddenly found that it was night, and was lured by a voice calling her name to a clearing where she found Glendalf, partially transformed into (or fused with) a barren, gnarled tree. Glendalf told her he had gotten the Orcs to safety, but been cursed by the Queen of Faerie who was now using him as bait for Jenny. Indeed, the Queen herself had just arrived. She greeted Jenny coldly, prompting a defiantly casual response from the Shifter. Jenny insisted on freeing Glendalf, which she achieved using her light-knife, a gift from the Abstract of Illumination. The Queen summoned the Wild Hunt after Jenny and the weakened Glendalf; Jenny only managed to destroy one of the Hunt's riders, and with great effort, but they then found a doorway into the Red Lion Inn. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

The Inn and the cabin[]

Inside the Red Lion Inn, where many mythical beings had also taken refuge from ARCHONET, Jenny was reunited not only with the Bartender but also with Octobriana, whom Glendalf also recognised as an old friend: all three of them had memories of specific shared lifetimes, the ones they'd spent as part of the League of Liberation, on their minds. After Archondroids arrived to clear out the Inn, Jenny used a special whistle to attract the attention of the Wild Hunt again and use them as a distraction for the Archondroids while she, Jenny and Glendalf made their way through the secret, dimension-crossing tunnels below the Inn.

They emerged, after long trawling through the dark tunnels, in a Limbo realm where they found an unoccupied cabin in which they took refuge and recuperated. Jenny, who was really sleeping for the first time since the Collapse, had a dream where she was “running around corridors and looking for something that was always out of reach”, which she was unable to remember clearly upon waking. In the morning, she played a mournful song on the theriamen which helped soothe her, Glendalf and Octobriana's brittle emotional states. Glendalf then excused himself, leaving Jenny and Octobriana their privacy; before long, they kissed and indeed slept together. (PROSE: The Hermetic Garbage of Jenny Everywhere)

Unmasking Doctor Draconic[]

In one universe, Jenny led a parallel life as a superhero under the name of “the Shifter”. She was aware of her interdimensional nature and powers, able to access the memories of her other selves.

As Jenny, she began dating her world's Laura Drake, going as far as kissing her, shortly before Laura unveiled her supervillainous identity “Doctor Draconic” to “the Shifter”, already aware, for her part, that the Shifter and Jenny were one and the same. As they had their first face-off on a rooftop, Jenny readily recognised “Doctor Draconic” as Laura, leading to a moment of awkwardness between them that ended when the embarrassed Laura urged Jenny to get on with defeating her already. (PROSE: Attack of the Rise of the Revenge of the Scheme of Doctor Draconic)

Birthday party[]

One version of Jenny organised a birthday party at “this place [she] made”, to which she had invited “a few hundred friends” and “a few hundred of [herself]”. It was crashed by a version of Jenny Nowhere, who “had big plan again” as well as “some new tricks”. However, Jenny's friends fought back, including ones who are far from ordinary — “warriors. Wizards. Kaiju. Mad scientists. Superheroes. Gods and things beyond gods” — and Nowhere predictably failed. Jenny was left reflecting on why Nowhere kept trying even though she must know she was going to keep failing, however many times they repeated this. (PROSE: Fragment: Nowhere Plan)

In the 925th Universe[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (925th Universe)

The 925th Universe's incarnation of Jenny had a red scarf, orange-tinted goggles, and “a face of genuine happiness”. She once got a job undercover at an “evil” company called Kablamazon as part of a plan to make them go bankrupt. In the course of this job, she delivered a package, which happened to be a new toaster, to Jenny Over-There at the M.F.S. office in the 925th Universe. The two exchanged a few words, as Jenny O. had recognised her namesake, before she accepted the toaster and Everywhere went on her way. (PROSE: The Tribulations of Jenny Over-There)

With Lauren Ipsum Drake[]

One version of Jenny was active as a superhero in New York City in a universe where superheroes and supervillains were commonplace. As “the Shifter”, she wore a black and red spandex costume. She was friends with, and appeared to be developing a crush on, a version of Laura Drake whose full name was Lauren Ipsum Drake, who was actually a Dragon in human form. On one occasion, the Shifter failed to defeat a robot who was attacking the city centre, as it was warded against teleportation. She attempted to convince Laura to help, though the other woman was reluctant because she was in civilian dress — ill-suited to an impromptu transformation back into her true form — and because she was counting on having lunch with Jenny half an hour later. However, Jenny successfully convinced Laura, who made short work of the robot, allowing them to carry on with their date. (PROSE: Truth in Labeling)

At Cody's Wild West Show[]

In one universe, a version of Jenny Everywhere was part of Cody's Wild West Show. She was once accosted by a patronising man dressed “like an eastern dandy”, who blithely asked her if she knew how to shoot, even though she was visibly holding a rifle. Keeping a perfect pokerface, Jenny answersed that she considers herself “no better than the next woman”, tricking him into thinking her a harmless opponent — despite having spoken the exact truth: the woman sitting next to Jenny, whom the man had failed to recognise, was in fact Annie Oakley. (PROSE: Fragment: Lunchtime in the Old West)

Members of the Interdimensional Pride Council[]

The 2022 iteration of the Interdimensional Pride Council, which would oversee the Multi-Reality Pride Festival, including the Interdimensional Pride Parade, included several incarnations of Jenny Everywhere in its roster, brought on late after someone realised that the Council skewed too heavily male. Around a week after the Council first gathered, these Jennies also attended the party organised at Professor Helvetius's Convenient Pride Decorations Shop by Jenny Over-There. This caused no end of confusion, especially as they were joined by even more Jennies such as the one travelling with Grandmother Ginger, as well as at least one Jenny Anywhere. (PROSE: A Series of Queer Events)

In Reality B-89 54-Z[]

In Reality B-89 54-Z, Jenny was the niece and ward of the witch Grandmother Ginger, growing up in a candy-themed magical land known as Sucria. She was born a few weeks prior to the last battle of the Great Marsh Mallow War. Her mother was one of the witches who died in those final weeks of the War, and she ended up being raised by Ginger. She was plagued throughout her childhood by nightmares about the Old Man of the Marshmallow himself, even though his spirit was supposed to be safely imprisoned below the Marsh. Eventually, twenty years after the end of the War, the Old Man escaped. He ended up encountering the 20-year-old Jenny and killing her.

After she disappeared, Ginger tried to get another witch, Old Mother Westwind, to find her, but Westwind was unsuccessful. Ginger's failure to accept this led to a feud between the two. Meanwhile, an echo of the dead Jenny's thoughts made its way to Reality 18's Jenny, who was influenced to travel to Reality B-89 54-Z and seek out Grandmother Ginger, though she didn't understand why. After she found Ginger, and Ginger mistook her for her lost niece, the sum total of the niece's memories flooded into the visiting Jenny's mind, albeit in complete disorder.

Ginger then tried to use the Key of Enecloog to visit the other Jenny's mind and recover her niece. (PROSE: The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere)

In Reality 18[]

Jenny Everywhere in The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere

A depiction of this Jenny. (PROSE: The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere)

A version of Jenny was native to Reality 18. She was a young woman. She had a round face and had light-brown skin and full lips. She wore a red scarf and red-tinted goggles. (PROSE: The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere)

Adventure in Sucria[]

This version of Jenny once traveled to Sucria in Reality B-89 54-Z in search of the witch Grandmother Ginger. She did so impulsively, on the faith of an echo of another life that had come to her in a dream — leaving her loved ones with little in the way of explanation, something she subsequently felt quilty about. Although she had a map of the Candy Forest where Ginger was said to reside, and could also rely on the knowledge of her other selves, she didn't know Ginger's exact location. On the outskirts of the Forest, she found a shack whose current owner turned out to be another with who was engaged in a feud with Ginger, known as Old Mother Westwind. Although Westwind had no more detailed knowledge of Ginger's current location than Jenny, she agreed to join her expedition as the two wandered deeper into the Forest.

The two journeyed for three days. Growing desperate for food other than sweets, they split up so that Westwind could go hunting. Instead, she was attacked by a monster. When Jenny rushed to help, she found Westwind lying on the ground with a fang or claw embedded in her chest and a giant spider standing over her; she attacked the spider, shifting a bucket into its mouth and kicking it, but it revealed itself as actually Grandmother Ginger herself, who helped Jenny realise that her counterpart in this world had been Ginger's own niece, and the very child based on the disappearance of whom Ginger and Westwind had started feuding. Before they could discuss this any more, the actual attacker, the Old Man of the Marshmallow, revealed himself to Jenny, prompting her to remember what the Sucria Jenny — who the Old Man soon clarified was dead — had known about him.

She did her best to stop the Old Man from realising that she was a different Jenny from the one he'd met as Ginger and Westwind began to fight him. When the Old Man seemed to get the upper hand, Jenny used her shifting powers to abruptly zap her to the other side of the forest, before trying to convince the Old Man that this was Ginger's own doing, the unveiling of one of many new powers she had acquired while he'd been imprisoned in the marshmallow. As he argued back and forth with her, he began to shift back to his weaker humanoid shape. At the opportune time, Jenny summoned Ginger back; the witch had slipped into the form of a fearsome giant scorpion. At Jenny's suggestion, she simply let herself from overhead where Jenny had summoned her, crushing the Old Man, whose last words were simply: “Oh. …Oh, no”.

When Ginger turned back to human form and stepped aside, it was found that nothing remained of the Old Man but a crushed marshmallow and a magical key he'd been carrying in his pocket. Ginger seemed to recognise the key; when Jenny asked what it opened, Ginger answered that it would open “the gates of [Jenny's] mind” and plunged it into her forehead. The key, actually an ancient artefact known as the Key of Enecloog, transported the two of them to a realm representing Jenny's mind, which shaped itself according to Jenny's every thought. After helping Jenny focus through the overwhelming experience, Ginger explained that she had brought them here to find Ginger's niece: she wanted Jenny to tap into the memories she retained from Ginger's Jenny and use the power of the Key of Enecloog to reconstitute her as her own entity within the mindscape, then bring her back to the real world. Jenny protested that this wasn't how it worked, but Ginger wouldn't listen to reason, and the two ended up having an imagination-fight, changing the landscape around them based on their imagination, until Jenny got the upper hand and drenched Ginger in cold water, bringing her to her senses.

As they both regained their cool, the “world-of-Jenny” faded around them and they found themselves back in the clearing, where night had already fallen. Jenny surprised the weeping Ginger by telling her that she thought rescuing her niece might in fact be possible, and that she was willing to help, even if the Enecloog plan wasn't the way to do it. Remembering that, according to legend, the souls of the dead literally flew up into Outer Space upon death, Jenny and Ginger soon realised that they needed to go there if they wanted to retrieve the dead Jenny's soul to resurrect her. Westwind, overhearing them, quickly used her powers to create a giant flying broomstick to take them there, which she dubbed the Wisp. However, just as they were about to leave, Ginger cried out that she had forgotten something at home, and ended up staying there. (PROSE: The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere)

With Captain Agatha[]

The Wisp went down while Jenny and Old Mother Westwind were flying over the Fall Sea, crashing directly into a reef on which a wrecked sailing ship was also speared. Jenny tried to swim away, but quickly lost strength and had to be fished out of the water by the captain of the wrecked ship, Captain Agatha, a strange sunglasses-wearing older woman. (PROSE: The Apocryphal Journeys of Jenny Everywhere)

Later travels[]

This version of Jenny and Grandmother Ginger were among the guests at a Pride Month celebration organised by Jenny Over-There and Dynamite Thor at Professor Helvetius's Convenient Pride Decorations Shop. Some of the guests noticed a “slightly robotic” aspect to both women's behaviour. (PROSE: A Series of Queer Events)

In Interstitial City[]

Barbelith Baristas - Illustration

Jenny is photographed outside of the Barbelith Baristas. (PROSE: Barbelith Baristas)

Strangely enough, while they were familiar with the existence of many versions of Neeta, Octobriana and Rabiahona, the authorities of Interstitial City only had vague knowledge of Jenny Everywhere. It was limited to a single incarnation, who they believed also went by the name of “Mary”, with them assuming “Jenny Everywhere” to be some sort of stage name. She had slightly yellowish skin, green eyes, and light brown hair. She wore a gray jacket and a light-cyan scarf, and her long nails were painted to match the latter.

This version of Jenny was once photographed enjoying a “take-away Raktajino” outside the Barbelith Baristas bar in the Bohemian District. While other people visible in the background of the photo, including versions of Octobriana, Neeta and Rabiahona as well as Professor Cabbage, were photographed candidly, Jenny was in the foreground and looked directly into the camera as the picture was taken. The picture would go on to be used in a tourist brochure to illustrate the Bohemian District. (PROSE: Barbelith Baristas)

Gwenivar, Wanderer in Everywhere[]

In one fantasy universe, “Gwenivar, Wanderer in Everywhere” was an adventurer taking part in the Grand Battle of Knights and Sorcerers. She wielded a sword named Worldbridger which she'd received as a child, and which she believed to be responsible for her ability to shift, although this may have been an erroneous assumption. In addition, she wore “an adventurer’s cloak, a hand-woven scarf, and a pair of wooden goggles”. Her arch-nemesis was the Draconic Sorceress, with whom she had a romantically-charged sort of rivalry, reveling the chance for “intimate swordplay” that the other woman always provided at the end of their bouts by banishing the monsters she summoned before they could do Jenny any real harm if they seemed to be winning.

While fighting one of the Sorceress's minions, the Creeping Shadow, Gwenivar found herself summoned by another Jenny to another world. It turned out that Jenny had also accidentally summoned the Shadow a few moments earlier, and had subconsciously wished for helm, leading to Gwenivar's taking. She helped the other Jenny and the local Laura defeat the Creeping Shadow, and then returned home with the depowered Shadow in hand, intent on telling the Sorceress about the event over the familiar duel. (PROSE: Extradimensional Experiments)

Jennifer Everstar[]

In one universe, Jenny was born under the name of “Jennifer Everstar” in an era where humanity was expanding into the rest of the Solar System, under the aegis of the ludicrously influential Altern Corporation. She appeared as a “stout, dark-skinned young woman”; in addition to the typical red scarf and pair of aviator goggles, when she had to wear a thermal suit, she favoured green ones. When she was young, she used to illegally liberate recalled Altern SmartPets from Altern transport trucks before they could be reprogrammed.

By the age of 19, Jenny had become a history major at the prestigious Neptunian Orbital University. One day, she discovered she had the ability to summon objects from thin air. After a few weeks of keeping it a secret, she decided to talk to a physics engineering major about it. Looking over some of the students' holonet portfolios, she selected Laura Drake because her designs had a spark of personality and eccentricity lacking in the more conventional creations of her classmates. Laura reluctantly agreed to help after Jenny proved she wasn't pranking her, but when a failed attempt to scan Jenny instead gave increased power to her summonings, the two had to deal with the Creeping Shadow, a monster from another reality, with the help of an alternative Jenny. Laura's “failed” photon-freezer, and the specific ways in which she'd built it “wrong”, proved key to defeating the monster, together with her Jenny's encouragements. After saying goodbye to the other Jenny, Laura and Jennifer stayed up looking at the stars, already bonding. It was then that Jenny discovered she also had the ability to teleport herself to other worlds. (PROSE: Extradimensional Experiments)

Jenny Evans[]

In one universe, “Jenny Everywhere” existed as a fictional character from August 2001 onwards. By 3001, there also existed a woman named Jenny Evans. She was dark-skinned and wore a blue dress. “Jenny Evans” may only have been a localisation to give an equivalent name by 21st century standards to how her actual, potentially more exotic-seeming name might have come across in her native society — such as “Jeni Johano”.

Either way, she was a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, often going on adventures in virtual world with her friend Jennifer Nolan (with whom she shared a home “overlooking the rings of Saturn”) acting as her rival. She was, in addition to this, a fan of Jenny Everywhere fiction, and completed a 25-year effort to read or otherwise experience all surviving Jenny Everywhere fiction on August 13th, 3001, which was close to her birthday. Jennifer gifted her a pair of goggles and a scarf to mark the occasion. This prompted both girls to realise that they could, by this point, consider themselves the closest thing their world had to proper incarnations of Jenny Everywhere and Jenny Nowhere, with knowledge of all Jenny Everywhere fiction acting as Jenny's way of tapping into her counterparts' experiences. Although neither took the idea wholly seriously, they soon departed for another virtual adventure and it may or may not have prompted Jenny to discover right there and then that she had real shifting powers. (PROSE: This Might Happen Someday)

Flirting with Death[]

One outgoing version of Jenny, who had great control of her shifting powers, able to make objects vanish with a snap of her fingers, ordinarily wore boots and “silly rainbow socks”. She once visited a universe home to a version of Death of the Endless who liked to walk amongst humans unnoticed, and sometimes went barefoot. Jenny casually accosted her, making it clear that she knew who she was. Death was surprised to meet someone who knew her for who she was but whom she herself didn't know — and even more surprised when Jenny, deciding to follow Death's example, made her own shoes vanish with a snap of her fingers. Jenny began literally flirting with Death, who seemed receptive. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Fun with Clara[]

One universe's version of Jenny, an “Asian girl”, knew the Doctor of old, casually addressing him as “Theta”. She once showed up in the control room of the Doctor's TARDIS, intending to speak with him about something. However, he was out at the time, and she instead met Clara. The two struck up a conversation, and, when Jenny explained her own nature as a multidimensional being with an infinity of alternative selves, Clara jumped on the opportunity to mention that she was in more or less the same boat. When the Doctor returned, he was shocked to see that, with “one thing [leading] to another” Jenny had summoned matching numbers of her other selves and Clara's into the control room, and they were all engaging in various adult activities. After the prime Clara explained the situation to the Doctor (from a compromising position in-between a blue-haired Jenny and one of her own duplicates), the prime Jenny saucily asked him if he wanted to join the fun. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Abducted in Gotham[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Genesis of the Naveliser)

One version of Jenny Everywhere was abducted by a mad scientist shortly after shifting to Gotham in one universe, so that the scientist could make her invention the Naveliser duplicate Jenny's powers. (PROSE: Genesis of the Naveliser)

Time in Quahog[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Jenny Everywhere meets Peter Griffin)
31 Spooner Street - JEmPG

Jenny Everywhere arrives at 31 Spooner Street. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere meets Peter Griffin)

One universe's Jenny took a holiday to Quahog, where she met Peter Griffin (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere meets Peter Griffin) and wound up living with the Griffins in 31 Spooner Street.(COMIC: Halloween Preparations, etc.)

Kicked out by Peter Griffin[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Original Comic Featuring Peter Griffin Kicking Jenny Everywhere Out)

In another universe, in a situation similar to the above series of events, Jenny Everywhere wound up living in 31 Spooner Street. After Lois Griffin asked why Jenny had been allowed to stay there for several months, Peter had a talk with Jenny. (COMIC: Original Comic Featuring Peter Griffin Kicking Jenny Everywhere Out

The Jenny Everywhere Biopic[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (The Shifter Chronicles)

One universe's Jenny became famous enough to have a biopic made about her. However, she strongly disapproved of the liberties taken with her life story and vowed to have no involvement with the project. (PROSE: The Shifter Chronicles)

Denizen of the Infinity Train[]

A bespoke incarnation of Jenny existed within one universe's version of the Infinity Train. She developed a close bond with human passener Grace Monroe Eventually, Grace got her number down to just one, and realised that the only remaining step on her journey was to admit to herself that she was gay, and to Jenny that she was in fact in love with her. However, she was afraid to do so because it would mean going home without Jenny. Jenny encouraged Grace to take this step even so, knowing that although, as a Denizen, this particular incarnation of her was stuck on the Train, her incarnation on Grace's Earth could take care of Grace instead. After returning home, Grace was surprised and delighted to be assigned the Jenny in question as her case worker to regularise her situation after her years-long absence. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Case worker[]

The regular-universe incarnation of Jenny in one universe ended up being the case-worker of Grace Monroe after she returned to the real world following years spent on the Infinity Train, over the course of which she'd fallen in love with the Jenny who was a Denizen of the Train. The two Jennies had apparently communed their memories, allowing Grace to continue her relationship with the human Jenny. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Date with the Devil[]

In one universe, Jenny crossed paths with the local version of Lucifer, who lived on Earth in a penthouse. He had the ability to make mortals reveal their deepest desire. When he met Jenny and tried the trick on her, however, he failed to get a meaningful answer because all the deepest desires of all Jennies came out at once. Intrigued, he proposed that they have dinner so he could get to know her in a more mundane fashion, and Jenny, equally intrigued by the stranger's ability to draw the infinite statement out of her, agreed. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Aladdin's Genie[]

In at least one universe, the djinn in Aladdin's lamp was none other than a version of Jenny. While she was bound to the lamp, her golden scarf also served as a chain leashing her to the lamp. Eventually, Aladdin freed the genie from the lamp. Jenny, who had begun to develop crushes on Aladdin and Jasmine both, and wanted to keep hanging out with them as friends in any case, suggested that they come along on the travels throughout the Multiverse that she would now resume. (PROSE: Shippy Shifter Snippets)

Centuries later another Jenny would free the Djinn fi kuli makan, the "genie in every place," from a bottle while on a spree to help alternative versions of herself; this may or may not have been the same genie. (PROSE: Paying It Forward)

Meeting Wednesday Addams[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Wednesday and the Shifter)

One universe's version of Jenny attended Nevermore Academy as a teenager. She joined the school's secret society, the Nightshades. When she attended an alumni reunion, she met Wednesday Addams. Upon learning that versions of Wednesday existed in other universes, she took Wednesday to meet them. After returning to Nevermore, she met Enid Sinclair and accompanied her on the Nightshades' midnight skinny dip. (PROSE: Wednesday and the Shifter)

Visiting the Labyrinth[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Everywhere's The Thing!)

One version of Jenny, a Native American girl with short black hair and the usual goggles and scarf, once visited the Labyrinth in a universe. Her appearance at the gates of the Labyrinth was immediately detected by the Goblin King Jareth, who flew over to meet her. (PROSE: Everywhere's The Thing!)

Trip to the Himalayas[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Comedy Skits)

One world's Jenny Everywhere wound up spending several month in jail after convincing her local Laura Drake to follow her on an ill-conceived trip to the Himalayas. (PROSE: Comedy Skits)

Stopping “Mordred”[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Fragment: Guinevere and Mordred)

After she studied records of the John F. Kennedy assassination in nearby realities, such as Abraham Zapruder's film, one version of Jenny Everywhere changed history in one universe by shooting the would-be assassin from a concealed position on the other side of Dealy Plaza before he could take his own shot. (PROSE: Fragment: Guinevere and Mordred)

Superb Owl Sunday[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Fragment: Superb Owl)

One version of Jenny once brought Laura Drake an actual “superb owl” for “Superb Owl Sunday”, with predictable consequences. (PROSE: Fragment: Superb Owl)

On Mystepolia[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (775th Universe)

One version of Jenny was native to the politically-independent island of Mystepolia in the 775th Universe. (COMIC: The Demon and the Butterfly: Special Q&A)

Visiting the Ages of Myst[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Ages of Memories)

One version of Jenny was a fan of the video game Myst and used her shifting powers to visit the worlds featured in the game for real. (PROSE: Ages of Memories)

Losing Peter Griffin[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Peter's Death)
Jenny Everywhere (Peter's Death)

Jenny Everywhere in a hospital. (COMIC: Peter's Death)

In one universe, Jenny visited Peter Griffin in a hospital shortly before his death. (COMIC: Peter's Death)

Derelict Jenny[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Reality 45)

Sometime after the collapsed cosmos, the Jenny Everywhere of Reality 45 fled from a Martian tripod with street artist Nazira Chaudhry. Staunchly anti-authoritarian, she was at odds with the Magisterium, an organisation founded by other versions of Jenny after seizing the Redoubt from the Archons, and the Church Eternal, a theocratic organisation that had taken control of portions of the Infinite following the collapse. This Jenny was identified as “Shifter B-45-A” by the Magisterium, and gave her own name as Jennifer Hsu. She was described as “classically Shifteresque” in appearance by Concordat agent Michael Béliveau. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)

Following an “explosion” and the collapse of the Redoubt, the “Derelict” Jenny awakened on the sofa of her mother's house in Brighton as a new, “Makeshift” Jenny, a situation that she considered to be impossible. Checking her driver's license, she discovered that this new Jenny's name was 'Jennifer Corwin-Jacobs.' (PROSE: Makeshift)

Ser Gennever[]

See main article: Ser Gennever

During a bout of Shifter hangover, the “Derelict” Jenny Everywhere had a vision of herself as a bold knight named Ser Gennever, who rode to the keep of Nowhere to battle a 'dastardly sorceress'. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)

The Magisterium[]

See main article: The Magisterium

Jennifer Barbelith[]

See main article: Jennifer Barbelith (To Hell With Good Intentions)

One version of Jenny Everywhere, adopting her supposed “true name” of Jennifer Barbelith, led the Council that sentenced the “Derelict” Jenny Everywhere. She had a fondness for wearing fine silks. The Derelict Jenny considered her imperious, and a “Jenny legend” in the hypercontinuum. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)

Blobby Everywhere[]

See main article: Blobby Everywhere

One male version of Jenny Everywhere, named Blobby Everywhere, served as a Magister on the Council that sentenced the “Derelict” Jenny Everywhere. He resembled a large pink creature covered in yellow polka dots.

The Derelict Jenny considered him to have gotten “a little too close” to the Abstract of Chaos. Nazira Chaudhry found him “horrifying”. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)

Jenny Wasteland[]

See main article: Jenny Wasteland

A version of Jenny Everywhere, from an uncertain but post-apocalyptic universe, served as a Magister on the Provisional Council that sentenced the “Derelict' Jenny Everywhere. She had grease smeared on her cheeks, and looked like she had crawled “out of a nuclear wasteland”. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)


See main article: Jenry

One version of Jenny Everywhere was a vaccuum cleaner in the council chambers during the sentencing of the “Derelict” Jenny Everywhere. Blobby Everywhere tripped over it. (PROSE: To Hell With Good Intentions)


See main article: Santa-Jenny

"Santa-Jenny" in the Infinite. (COMIC: Jenny's Christmas Surprise)

One version of Jenny Everywhere known as "Santa-Jenny" operated in a manner similar to Santa Claus. (COMIC: Jenny's Christmas Surprise)

As a Creeper[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (Creeper)
Creeper Jenny

Jenny Everywhere as a Creeper. (COMIC: Jenny's Christmas Surprise)

One version of Jenny Everywhere was a Creeper. (COMIC: Jenny's Christmas Surprise)

Promoting "Cookieboy 2005"[]

See main article: Jenny Everywhere (A Bit of Self-Promotion)
Jenny Everywhere (A Bit of Self-Promotion)

A version of Jenny Everywhere who wore a green scarf and promoted "Cookieboy 2005". (COMIC: A Bit of Self-Promotion)

One version of Jenny Everywhere who wore a green scarf, orange hoodie, and a pink shirt once held a large sign promoting that an entity known as "Cookieboy 2005" would be posting new comics to ComicFury. (COMIC: A Bit of Self-Promotion)

Murdered by the Hopper[]

Jenny Everywhere killed by Jackson

One of the many Jennies murdered by the Hopper. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

Many incarnations of Jenny were killed by Jackson Jones, “the Hopper”, an insane gun-wielding shifter who went on a murderous spree hopping rapidly through dimensions and killing every Jenny he came across. Naturally, he could only destroy a comparatively small number of Jenny's infinity of incarnations. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

The Scarf and Ceiling Fan Incident[]

One incarnation of Jenny Everywhere lost her life when her long scarf got caught in a ceiling fan, strangling her. Holding this to be one of her more awkward deaths, later incarnations of Jenny were embarrassed to recollect it. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

Signing off[]

Jenny Everywhere in Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off

The ‘final’ Jenny a few moments before her death. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

According to one account, one by one, Jenny Everywhere's incarnations all died, most of old age, others surviving until the final destruction of the very universe they inhabited. Finally, one Jenny, who had the standard “thin Asian woman with short, spiky hair” appearance, came to believe herself to be the last, as she could no longer detect any other Jennies in the Multiverse no matter how far she reached out with her mind. She was at peace with her imminent demise, although she thought there was in any case a chance she was mistaken, and had simply personally gotten cut off from the network, or that she was perhaps simply the last Jenny of a “pocket-Multiverse” with a finite number of worlds which had gotten separated from the mainstream Omniverse.

Final End of Jenny Everywhere

The final end of Jenny Everywhere? (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

Retreating to the top of a mountain in one universe, wearing nothing but her goggles, Jenny waited for the imminent explosion of the Sun, making a “final broadcast to Infinity” using a strange microphone. Putting on her goggles for the last time, she stood up, facing the sun, with as her final words: “This is Jenny Everywhere, signing off for the last time. …Maybe.”. (COMIC: Jenny Everywhere, Signing Off)

Behind the scenes[]


Creation of the character[]

Jenny Everywhere's creation was a collaborative effort which took place in 2001 and 2002 on the Barbelith Underground forum, where she was initially thought up under the name of “the Shifter”. Her basic look was unveiled on August the 13th, 2001 by Steven Wintle in a pair of public-domain sketches. He spoke at some length about the origins of the character, whom he had originally conceived (under an earlier form) for a never-materialized comic project.

This is the Shifter. She has dimensional powers. To her associates, this means she can traverse say 4 or 5 dimensions, whatever taht means. The truth is, she can access all dimensions. Again, not sure exactly what that means (and now you can see why it was abandoned). The part I really liked about her was that she inhabited all dimensions at the same time. Or, to be more accurate, parallel universes. And yes, I was thinking Crisis on Infinite Earths. Basically, she's having an infinite number of adventures on an infinite number of planets. Our story involved her staying on one Earth, but that needn't be the case in this exercise.

Her past isn't necessarily what you'd call mysterious. She doesn't gripe about it, and so no one pries. Essentially, she's your angst-free, fun-loving, adventurer-explorer. No vigilantism here. If I had to compare her to anything, it would be like if Tintin listened to Le Tigre and joined the Fantastic Four. She's excitable, passionate, attentive, curious, and caring. Like Captain Marvel, she's just a really powerful kid.

One thing I wanted to do, but would've got shot down by my friends if we pursued this, is that she prefers not to use her powers incredibly often. Part the appeal for her of this ongoing, infinite adventuring is the thrill of the challenge. When she uses her powers, in any capacity, be it big or small, it shouldn't be used often. She'd rather duke it out. Of course, there's no saying what or who she might "borrow" from another dimension, or what knowledge another one of her selves has gained which may come in handy.

I realize her powers might seem a little unlikely. For instance, if she was on an infinte number of universes, wouldn't she ahve dies innumerable times by now? Or be bored stiff because she's done it all already? Maybe there's a mystery there, or she actually only exists in many, many universes, not an infinite amount.

Regardless, her powers would at least allow the different creators to throw her in any situation they wanted.

The sketches in the link are unfinished. Sorry, It's 4:30 here and I can't ink worth shit when I'm tired. I also realize that she isn't what you'd call your iconic superhero type. Them uber-heroes are hard to come by. Hopefully someone else will think of something better suited for an Open Source Hero. Until then… Excelsior!

Steven Wintle

The sketches were later appended to the following, equally-public-domain “canonical” description.

She has short, dark hair. She usually wears aviation goggles on top of her head and a scarf around her neck. Otherwise, she dresses in comfortable clothes. She is average size and has a good body image. She has loads of confidence and charisma. She appears to be Asian or Native American. She has a ready smile.
Steven Wintle

Steven Wintle also wrote the now-standard disclaimer paragraph for Jenny Everywhere works:

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.
Steven Wintle

The features and name of the character were decided upon in a later thread, with the first proposed name for the character being “Julie Everywhere” rather than “Jenny”.[1]

Further discussion served to crystallize the power-set and basic concept of Jenny as “the Shifter”, as there was initially some debate on the extent to which she'd be aware of her other selves' lives and the nature of her dimensional abilities.

Earliest stories[]

Steven Wintle began working on a comic story entitled Cars, which was never completed — in fact, Tribute, written for the 10th anniversary of Jenny's creation, would be the only full Jenny Everywhere story ever created by Wintle. Instead, the first comic project featuring Jenny to be completed and released was My Bloody Valentine, and the first to be released was Name's Not Down. Data are difficult to find, but the original Jenny Everywhere website gives the following official reading (and, likely, release) order for the thirteen earliest “Barbelith stories":

  1. Name's Not Down
  2. My Bloody Valentine
  3. Mrs Zirma
  4. Damn Fine Hostile Takeover (Part 1)
  5. Damn Fine Hostile Takeover (Part 2)
  6. The Late Shift
  7. Holiday Pandemonium
  8. Graveyard Shift
  9. Makeshift Multiverse
  10. Beauty as a Beast
  11. The Death of Jenny Everywhere
  12. Bacterial Lunarversity
  13. Soulless Mate

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